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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 5busyfoxes, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. 5busyfoxes

    5busyfoxes Newbie

    I'm new to smoking and have been trying to soak up as much info as I can from this site.  Everyone here has been a HUGE help! 

    So far I've had great luck with ribs, beer can chicken, and pork loin.  I do really need better thermometers though to help me maintain a more consistent temperature (I have one instant read digital thermometer and several of the stick in normal oven types).  Seems like the Maverick is a popular choice but I have a question that I haven't seen asked before.  Say I'm cooking 2 chickens and a big pork loin that I've cut in half - for a total of 4 pieces of meat in the smoker.   Do I need to buy 4 different maverick units, or is there something out where I have one unit that can monitor the temperature of several different  pieces of meat at the same time?  From what I can tell, the Maverick 732 only has two probes - one for the internal temp of one piece of meat and one for the external temperature.  If it makes any difference, I have an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smoker....

  2. stann

    stann Fire Starter

    I am strongly considering the IGrill 2.  Bluetooth to your phone, up to 4 probes for different meats in the cooker or you can use one for the grill temp if you want.  Check it out and decide for yourself, but I think I will have one of these in the near future.
  3. 5busyfoxes

    5busyfoxes Newbie

    Thanks - I'll check it out!!
  4. rabbithutch

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    Great question. I have several Mavericks, different models purchased through the years. If I were starting today I would look at the iGrill2 and the Cappec Bluetooth 4 probe unit for $40. The iGrill2 at $100 with only 2 probes looks overpriced compared to the Cappec but who knows about quality, eh?

    Whoops, on second look at the Amazon page the Cappec unit comes with only 2 probes and has only 2 ports; so the iGrill is definitely the better of the two. One of the things I'd want to know more about is what settings and alerts are available. I've been disappointed with my Maverick 733 because the thing is so damned difficult to set up. I end up calling the support desk every time I want to use it.

    Good luck. Let us know what you learn and what you decide so we can hit you up for a review.
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  5. gpb11

    gpb11 Meat Mopper

    Is there a reason you're looking at the Maverick 732 instead of the more recent 733?  I know the 733 comes with a pair of dual-purpose probes.  Either probe can be used for food or for grill temp as you wish; so you can monitor two pieces of food (or two spots in one piece) or two spots on your grills or two grills (if near enough to reach) or any combination of the above.

    I do not have direct experience with bluetooth based remote thermometers, but my Maverick 733's range exceeds what I've ever gotten with any other bluetooth devices.  Consider distance to your bedroom nightstand if you want to use the thing to wake you up if the fire goes out.  

    (Edit: yes the user interface on the Maverick 733 is poor and not at all intuitive, but hasn't been an issue for me after using it a couple times)
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  6. 5busyfoxes

    5busyfoxes Newbie

    Not really.  I think I started with the 732 just because I saw more reviews on it.  It's also the only Maverick I've seen locally.  with a the 20% off coupons they are constantly mailing out, I can get it for $79.99 at our local bed, bath, and beyond. 
  7. gpb11

    gpb11 Meat Mopper

    FYI the 733 is $70 from SMF sponsor A-Maze-N Products...   :)

    What the BT versions seem to offer that I miss though is a graph of temperature over time.  I've not explored how much can be done with those such as save or export or zoom etc. but that's the one "wish" the ET733 doesn't fulfill.  (*) I'm half considering adding an ET735 as that'd give probe interchangeability and the option of using BT or not using BT as I saw.  I like having the ET732 receiver sitting on the counter and not needing to unlock my phone or open an app to look.  

    Depending on your long term plans, don't forget to look at the Tappeque.  Pricey but never heard anyone wish they hadn't spend the money.  

    (*) Edit - actually just did a quick scan of Amazon reviews and questions/answers; doesn't seem the ET735 yet does anything but real-time temp readout.  Oh well.  Maybe in time.  
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  8. sawinredneck

    sawinredneck Meat Mopper

    I looked at them all, I liked Cappec for the price but after reading reviews, mainly Amazon, I decided against those units.
    I really liked Maverick because all the positive reviews, a friend has one and loves it and most are happy other than a few interface issues. But I really didn't need the range, I wanted four probes so that meant two remote units to carry around and it was $150-180 depending on how I went.
    I went with the igrill2 with four probes, three meat, one ambient, I needed it in a hurry so I bought it locally, $160 out the door. I'd planned on getting it from the devices store but couldn't wait that long. Here's the trick, go to the idevices store, put the igrill2, another meat probe and the ambient probe in your cart, use the coupon code "smoke" and you get the ambient probe free. So free shipping, no tax, that's $124.97 shipped to your door!
    I've only used mine once, yesterday, and I didn't test ranges beyond 30', but so far I'm very happy with it!
  9. stann

    stann Fire Starter

    Is it a dedicated ambient probe or can it be used as another meat probe as well?
  10. sawinredneck

    sawinredneck Meat Mopper

    It's short and has a blunt end, I guess you could use one of the other probes to poke a hole then shove it in? But I really like being able to check pit temp and food in a glance, so it works for me.

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