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    Hello all,

    Anyone have any issues with the door on the 18.5..when trying to add additional wood or not feeling it was secure enough? Or the factory gauge?

    I have a Masterfirge and a Kamado Joe and thinking about adding to the cooking arsenal.

    Its just me and my wife and we do the occasional entertaining....we prefer to do ribs, pulled pork, and beer can chicken. We dont cook turkeys or brisket. No real overnights either...Id probably uae the Joe for that. This is why Im trying to see which unit is the smarter choice as a 3rd cooker, based on our cooking preference and size of family.

    The door and factory gauge look of better quality on the 22.5 vs the 18.5...but Im not sure its $100.00 difference worthy.

    Would love to hear input from those out there that may had issues with the 18.5 or didnt have any issues at all. Plus the 18.5 would help conserve on wood and charcoal....all the extra hundo for chimney and accessories. All input appreciated!


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    The 18.5 should be plenty. He only time I "think" I should of bought the 22.5 is for brisket, you will need to trim or cut the ribs in half but not a big deal I like to trim them to fit then wrap the trimmed bones with rub and bacon for snacks. If your not pulling overnight smokes you shouldn't have to add to it while cooking.
  4. TexasRob, a WSM 18.5 owner, and noob, here.  I purchased the Cajun Bandit door, but it doesn't seem to seal any better than the stock door, it is more substantial, though.

    I haven't had to add any fuel during any of my cooks so far, the longest being 8 hours. I believe Harry Soo says he can go 18 hours with one bag of charcoal.

    I purchased a thermometer to monitor the temperature of my pit while cooking. I found that the stock Weber thermometer was very close to the actual temperature.

    I haven't found the size of the 18.5 to be limiting, although I've never cooked for more than 4. I'm pretty sure I could smoke four butts at a time, or two turkeys, or four chickens or multiple racks of babybacks, using racks, at a time.
  5. Bought my 22" on Ebay and saved $50 plus sales tax. I have seen for even less brand new. The 22" does require more charcoal. 1/2 bag for a 6 hr cook and a full bag for overnight. I used nomex gasket around the stock door and it still leaks but very little. I do love not having to cut my ribs in half and that's why I bought the 22. Honestly I may soon own one of each size, for they all have their place...that's my 2 cents
  6. i started out with a 14.5 WSM i love it i just dont like cutting ribs or brisket to make it fit other than that i can smoke about anything whole chickens 10#+ butts 5# chuck roasts but looking back i wish i would had just went for it all and got a 22.5 i like to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it 
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    I appreciate all the feedback. I'm going to wait till the Spring to get to actually see the 18.5 and 22.5 in person. I say the 18.5...but somehow I see myself with the 22.5...I just know the way I am. Thanks
  8. Sometimes places will have the displays on sale this time of year, my local walmart had 2 of the 14.5 WSMs on sale for 150 and a Weber Mastertouch Kettle for 150 as well.
  9. On Sunday's cook the thermometer on the WSM was off almost 50 degrees.
  10. i never go by the lid thermo temp i always use a probe at grate level 

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