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  1. Keilbasa, breakfast and fresh Italian sausage in the future!

    Picked up a 15 pound stuffer from gander today on sake, and used some xmas money on a grinder and 20 pound mixer. Hope to get this all going in the next couple weeks.
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    Cool   [​IMG]     I'll Be watching.    [​IMG]I guess I'll be waiting.

  3. Having problems uploading a picture today. Will try again later.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Seems posting pics from my phone is a bit tricky on this site. We had a blast making 25 pounds each of brats, Italian and keilbasa that day. We test fried some of each for lunch of course!
  5. I have to say, the vac master 140 is very impressive for the money. Also, I bought a digital scale from cabelas on sale for 55 bucks that rocks. We were able to measure quarter pound packages of jerky and 25 pounds of groubd meat with no issue. The scale is good for about 250 pounds!
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    It all looks good Cam,  [​IMG]You are going to need a bigger freezer soon.  Did you cold smoke the sausages?  Please tell us your secrets.

  7. All fresh sausage on this round. Just went simple so I could get the feel of making sausage and all the new toys required to make it.:yahoo:
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    Nice job on the sausage Cam. You can always cook them in the smoker if you want to add some smoke flavor. I do that with fresh sausage all the time. It gets the job done.....
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