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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mdboatbum, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. mdboatbum

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    And why?

    I love the q-views on here, they're part of what makes this site awesome! I also love the discussion of why things do or don't go well, problems, issues and eventual triumphs that are all part of this hobby (obsession) we all hold so dear.

    So, in the interest of bragging rights, let's post up some of our absolute triumphs. Those meals that will, for whatever reason, be ingrained in our memory for eternity as some of the best.

    For me, there are a few. Not that the food was all perfect, but in most cases the combination of the food, company and atmosphere just made the meal amazing.

    #1: Thanksgiving 2012. Everything just came together perfectly without a hitch. The turkey was to die for, the weather was perfect and the company consisted of people who mean the most in the world to me.

    Best turkey I've ever eaten.

    Next I'd have to say was this pastrami. It was just off the charts good. 

    And finally there have been a few meals on camping trips that were just awesome.

    The view from our campsite in Rodanthe, NC (a lot of "enhancement" but this is an actual photo I took while sitting at the picnic table in our site)

    Some ribs

    Some more ribs

    And yet more ribs. These were the first ones where I "nailed it" in that they were in my opinion pretty much perfection, and better than any I'd ever had in a restaurant.

    My first ABT's

    And what started it all. My first "smoker". The resulting meal was edible, if only just, but it made it clear that I was going to need a real smoker and a lot of practice.

    So what are yours? Post 'em up!! I'm sure, like mine here, they've probably already been posted but this is all about the best of the best. so let's see 'em!!!
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  2. kathrynn

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    Okay I am in!  I agree mine is the pastrami!  I am sooooo hooked on these...have several to do again soon.

    Got the recipe from Roadkill Cafe

    These are just soooo easy and taste sooo great!

    Roller's Amish the bomb!  Will always make these!

    Pops Breakfast sausages!  Very easy...and I also will always have these around.

    These are my fav's that I have learned how to do here on SMF!  SMF rocks and I have learned how to even surprise myself with cooking/smoking things.

  3. sqwib

    sqwib Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Most of mine are appetizers.
    • Island Kielbasa
    • Sausage and Peppers.
    • Italian Sausage Bites
    • Luau Pork Shots, my favorite Appetizer to date.

    • Buffalo Chicken Lollipops

    • Chickeroni Bites

    • Bourbon Bacon Chicken
    • Dino Eggs
    • Best smoke ring to date.
    • Jack Daniels Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders
    • Meatzapalooza Chili (Favorite chili to date)
    • Panini Fattie (Favorite Fattie)
    • Philly Cheesesteak Fattie (Tied for Favorite Fattie)
    • Chicken Spinoccoli (Most unique fattie to date)

    • Chipotle nuts
    • Best Pulled Pork Sammie (Because of the sauce)
    • Buck Board Bacon (Favorite cold smoked item)
    • Buck Board Bacon pizza (Favorite iten from BB Bacon)
    • BB Breakfast Sammie, tied with above
    • Favorite BB Ribs (Fast and Hot 450°)
    • Most fun Spares (Man Day 2012)

    • Best Flavored Spares
    • Pig Candy
    • Beer Can Chix, (favorite BC Chix to date and my first)
    • Brined Pork Loin (every one is better than the last)

    • Worst flavor but cool looking. (Craklin's) [pork rinds]
    • Here's my teaser that I will be posting tomorrow.
  4. roller

    roller Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    I smoke Baby Backs more than anything !
  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    This Smoked Hatch Chile Pulled Pork Sandwich was tasty.

    Scarbelly wings!!!

    Then there were these BSR's

    Pulled Pork!


    Domestic Wagyu

    Tri Tip!!!

    Mr T's crispy skin baked taters!

    And of course these Smoker roasted Veggies!!!
  6. bruno994

    bruno994 Master of the Pit

    Women throw their panties at me after eating my brisket!  And my smoked burgers on my mini UDS are the bomb...

  7. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Wow!!!----Lot's of Great looking smokes above!!!!

    I've made a lot of pretty good meals, but none compare to every Smoked Prime Rib I've ever made.

    Why??? I guess because they're so easy to do----It's just the best cut of meat in this World !!!

    Here are 6 of them:

    October, 2011:


    December, 2011:

    Christmas Dinner:

    January, 2012:


    April, 2012:


    July, 2012:


    August, 2012------Slices---Plate #1:

    Slices-----Plate #2


    Thanks For Looking,

  8. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

  9. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    WHOA!! Q-View overload!!! Thanks guys and gals, these posts are AMAZING!!
  10. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You asked....and POW there are some great q-views too!


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