Thanksgiving Rib roast

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  1. Smoked a 10lb standing rib roast for Thanksgiving Dinner.There was friendly competition between my wife's roasted turkey and my prime rib.I wont say I won(she might read this lol)but there was considerable lip smackin' form those who tasted my PR

    I smoked it for about 4 hours at between 125 and 150 degrees after coating with olive oil and seasoning with coarse ground black pepper and ground sea salt.I finished off my seasoning with a a generous sprinkling of Montreal Steak seasoning. Got IT to 138 degrees after resting.I know some say thats too done but my guest I knew perferred that doneness and it worked out perfectly for them and me...... 

    I forgot to take pics after it came off the smoker and the three slices shown are all that was left.
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  2. Dont know how in hell I put this under Exchange.Meant to post in Beef. Maybe someone can help me get it in the right place.
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    Nice roast.... IMHO you did the right thing, When feeding guests they tend to not want to see blood or red in meat... If I were to cook one for myself its definitely going to be on the medium rare side......

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    Looks great! Nice smoke!

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