Thanksgiving Do-Over!!! With Q-View!

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  1. Well, some of you may remember yesterday I had to toss (2) 13# turkeys since the brine stayed too warm too long. So Thanksgiving morning I went and bought two more turkeys and thawed them in the tub. By evening they were thawed and ready to brine. The brine I simmered briefly and then cooled by putting the pot in the tub still filled with water that the turkeys were thawing in. The brine I used was the Slaughterhouse brine which I doubled:

    2 gallons water

    1 1/2 cups canning salt

    3 tablespoons minced garlic

    1 tablespoon ground black pepper

    1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

    1/3 cup dark brown sugar

    3 tsp Garlic Powder
    3 tsp Onion Powder
    3 tsp Cajun Spice (Louisiana Cajun Seasoning)
    3 tsp Celery Seed

    This time instead of using my turkey fryer pot, I used a large "cube" cooler. I put one large garbage sack inside of another. I mixed another 4 gallons of brine and put the turkeys in the first large garbage bag. I then poured the brine into the bag with the turkeys. While lifted up on the bag to make room, I had my wife empty 2 bags of ice into the outer bag. This keeps the brine from diluting with the ice water and keeps the cooler clean without worrying about poultry fat residue to clean up. As you can see, the brine temp is

    37 degrees. 


    After removing the turkeys from the brine, I drained them well and dried them. Next I proceeded to loosed all the skin around the breasts, thighs and legs. Then I injected Cajun Butter in three places on each breast, once into each thigh and leg. Lastly, I mixed up a double batch of wet rub as follows:

    1/4 cup
    2 Tbs
    1 Tbs
    2 Tsp
    2 Tsp
    2 Tsp
    1 Tsp
    1/2 Tsp

    vegetable oil
    onion powder
    garlic powder
    kosher salt
    white pepper
    powdered ginger
    powdered sage

    As you can see they're ready for departure into the smoky cavern.


    While they warmed up just a bit more I fired up the charcoal and got the pecan blocks ready that had been soaking since yesterday. They should be fine. I cut them into large chunks between 4"-5" square.

    Here's a shot just before I put the lid on em. By they way I mixed two cans of concentrated apple juice for the water tub. The charcoal and water tub occupy the bottom ECB and the two turkeys are on the two racks in the upper ECB.



    Will post their progress as the day moves on. Time now to go make pumpkin pies and apple/sausage dressing!

    Had to get a picture before dark.


    Done and waiting to be carved


    What an awesome plate! The meat was incredibly moist and that smoky flavor was even distributed throughout

    the entire bird.



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    Everything looks pretty good so far and I would just like toi see the finished products.
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    Looks like you got it going on today!
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    Congrats on the redo. We are really happy you decided to play it safe.
  5. eman

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    Thank you for taking the advice given you and protecting yourself and others from possible illness.

     Some folks would have ignored it .

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