Temperature Gain With AMNPS

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  1. I tried the AMNPS in my MES 30 today with no heat.  I had one row of the AMNPS filled, got it properly lit and put it in the smoker.  The temperature in the smoker rose from 75 to around 165.

    Do I had too much air flow?  The chip pan was pulled out 1 - 2" and the chip loader was also pulled out the same.  Also, the vent on the top was open all the way. 

    I am wondering how I will be able to cold smoke in the MES with that much temp gain or if I will have to cold smoke on the grill.
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    The MES 30 is small well insulated box. I get about a 25-30° rise in my MES 40's, same set up.The AMNPS with Pellets was more intended for long term Hot smoking in the MES. You got some choices...Use Dust, intended for Cold Smoking, with the unit off or on up to 170. Wait until the weather cools off into the 50's. Or, use the Mail Box Mod. All will solve your problem...JJ
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    What was the outside temp and was the smoker in the sun? The insulated metal box will get hot just from sitting in the sun on a warm day so it could have been a combination of the AMNPS and the weather. 
  4. The temperature outside was mid 70's and in the evening.  The sun was setting.
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    What were you using to monitor the temp of the smoker?
  6. I was using an iGrill mini and another cheaper RF thermometer.  They were reading about 10 lower than the smoker reading and within a couple of degrees of each other.  I had them suspended in the center of the smoker.

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