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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tom o., Dec 20, 2007.

  1. richtee

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    No shame in an oven finish. none. Pull it, and worry about the finishing sauce! :{)
  2. find yourself an old blanket or you can buy a waterheater blanket and
    wrap your smoker leaving the air holes free. this will help keep in more heat. it works for me in maryland.
    I put my butts or brisket on about 9 pm and let them cook all night.
    1 have 4 8 -10 lb butts on tonight, i will check them about 330am
    when i get up and hope to take them off ,i hope about 7 or 8am. i try to keep my temps between 200 to 250. works most of the time.
    i do use a propane smoker.

    hope this helps.
  3. I am trying to be patient. Just worried about the rain. Ughhhhhh After damn near 10 hours now I would hate to see the rain get in the way of finishing this on the smoker. I knew I should have started this in the garage. lol Let the cars get rained on..... but not my first Boston Butt!!!!! lol
  4. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Screw that. Don't get wet. Oven and finishing sauce. Some will die in a lightning storm beside the smoker, but if ya die, how will you know how it came out? LOL!
  5. brianj517

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    OK, sure, like Rich said...no shame in an oven finish. You could certainly do that and stay dry....OR...you could man up and stick an umbrella in whichever hand isn't currenlty holdin' a cold beer! You're in South Carolina fe cryin' out loud, It's not like yer standing in 8" of snow like my dumb fool a$$ up here in the frozen tundra![​IMG]

    Just teasing, friend. Really. The smoke has already done its work and imparted all the flavor its going to at this point. Go ahead and stick that puppy in the oven at 250* or so to finish up. No harm, no foul.


  6. I'm a two fisted drinker and it is working on me pretty good right now. [​IMG]
    I am going to wait another 45-60 minutes and see where it is then. If the temp has risen I will move the cars out of the garage and let it finish there.

    Damn, all day cooking is fun but I didn't even ride the scooter today because of this. lol I hope the trade off is worth it.

    Oh and Brian.... your post almost made me spit out my beer! Good job on riding the noobs a$$! That's just what I needed!
  7. brianj517

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    Anytime, Tom...anytime. Two fister, huh? Sounds like we might have been separated at birth...you ever feel like you're missing a lost twin?

    Please keep me posted on your results.

  8. bbq bubba

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    I don't know where you been hiding but i like your style!!![​IMG]
    Tom, i started out on that very same smoker, once you learn how to use it, it'll produce some fantastic Q!!
    There's really no mod's for that unit, it's basically set it and forget it, get a digital thermo and stop lifting that lid!!
    Your so close, i say finish it on the smoker........i personally have a rain coat for mine......

    Ya have any questions on that unit shoot me a P.M. i'll be glad to help ya!![​IMG]
  9. ba_loko

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    Steve, you really DO need to get an electric jack on the front of that trailer. It'll allow you to have more beer drinkin' time. [​IMG] The smokin' area set-up looks outstanding!
  10. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK... ride 'er out. SC? Ok fine.here in MI I'm quartering out a deer in my garage in 15 min. shifts, 'cause my hands freeze and I would not know it if I cut one off. well, immediately anyway. ;{)

  11. hahahahaha I know what you mean.... I love the hops! Beer is the nectar of the Gods!

    I know what you mean about cracking the lid. I can cook a beer butt chicken without cracking the lid until it is either done or damn near done. Practice and learning..... just like everything else in life.
  12. That's WAAAAAAY too cold for me my friend! I like it above freezing if at all possible.
  13. Sitting at about 188 now. I am warming up the oven as I type this; temps are still dropping here with a front rolling in and "humidity" to make it feel cooler than it is already (basically a wet cold). I am going to unwrap it and let it sit until I get it to a little over 200ish in the oven. Wrap it back up and let it sit for 30-60 minutes.... whichever I think is best at the time. I hope it works.

    First timer making due.........
  14. It's in the oven. I had a helluva time getting it in the casarole dish! It was wanting to fall apart. I will give it a few and check the temp. I grabbed a small peice to taste. Even the boss said it was good. That impressed me to hear her say that! lol

    Oh and the fat was falling off the bottom too. I am very impressed thus far.
  15. tonto1117

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    Congrat's Tom...making me hungry!!!![​IMG]
  16. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Save the juice! Finishing sauce...simple... half as much cider vinegar, a dollop of mustard, a bit of crushed red pepper, and salt if needed. Or do the SoFlaQer's...its great!
  17. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Remember Tom, 205 is just a target temp, if it's falling apart already, you may be done, oven will just start to dry it out at this point......
    Sound's like ya done good, and i must say, this is the longest i have ever followed a thread WITHOUT pic's (hint hint) [​IMG]

    P.S. you are officially "hooked"...............enjoy!!
  18. QVision is coming soon.... I promise. Doesn't seem to have a large smoke ring but is pretty tender so I can forgive that. The ribs I do are "ringed" to the bone so this is something new for me. The bone just slid right out of the meat when I moved it. I really liked seeing that! I am psyched!
  19. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK, that's IT! POINTS!
  20. Impatient and just curious brought me here. In the oven for a bit (no idea how long) pulled it and laid it in more foil to "rest".

    Pics are straight out of the oven....... Sorrry that they are so dark.

    The pic code may be effed so give me minute please.




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