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  1.            I've got a chance to pick-up some ribs (both beef and pork) at a great price, but It is

    way more ribs than I want to smoke right now. So my question; is it better (from a smokability/taste standpoint ) to freeze the raw ribs and smoke later, or smoke now and than freeze for eating later? 
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    If it were me, I would freeze then smoke. I feel like ribs are best fresh off the smoker than reheated. But if I were doing pork shoulders, I would smoke, pull, then freeze.
  3. I would freeze then smoke.
  4.                 Freeze than smoke sounds right to me too. One follow-up question, is it any great sin to freeze pork/beef bf smoking? I know something like fish is best fresh but what about the rest?

  5. millerk0486

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    Ground Meats and high moisture Cured Meats like water added Ham experience a great deal of textural change after Home Freezing and Thaw...I don't do it. But I have never noticed a huge difference in the texture of Raw Ribs that have been frozen and thawed. Frozen and thawed precooked/smoked ribs will be Dry after thaw and reheating. Freeze the Raw Ribs then thaw and smoke as needed...JJ
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    I agree with Chef Jimmy on ground beef losing texture after freezing. I still do it when I get it on sale, but I prefer it fresh.
  8. chef jimmyj

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    YEP...I will use frozen Ground Beef for Meatloaf, Chili or Meatballs but only Fresh for Hamburgers...JJ
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    I will also agree with freezing and then smoking ribs..Anytime you get a chance to buy more on sales do it if the budget allowes. What is important is how you prepare the meat for freezing.  If it comes in cryo which many ribs do now make sure you have a tight seal in your pack. Dont put heavier items on top of them while freezing.  The wrap may tear or get a small puncture and then freezer burn will happen. Vacume sealers are the way to go at home.  If not get quality freezer paper and make a tight wrap and label the packs accoringly with the date wrapped.

    I've had folks when i was still working over the years tell me that they have beef, pork, chicken ect in the freezer and it's two years old and ask me if it's still good. I would of liked to tell them "why was it in your freezer that long". Make sure to rotate your stuff in the freezer and try to use it within a year.  Turkey's that you buy frozen have been frozen up to 6 months at times prior to sale.  So when you buy one that has to be taken into account.  Fortunatly the sales for these birds usualy take place close to a holliday. Just an example of what to whatch for when you buy meat or poultry or frozen fish for that matter. Check out what your buying for appearance and damaged packaging.  In short, there is nothing wrong with freezing meat, poultry, or fish.  Just make sure it is fresh when you freeze it and dont re-freeze it if a menu plan changes. There is a lot more to this but that's a good sample. Reinhard
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    what JJ said!

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