Swedish Lapplands sausage

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    I would like to introduce you to my favorite Lapplands sausage!

    Lappland is an area in the very north of Sweden where the "Sami people" live: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sami_people 

    I was there for a week last this winter to learn more about how they master sausage making in that harsh climate. The Sami people are hunters and gathers which nowadays are slowly decreasing in numbers... Due to global warming and the expanding mining industry.

    Anyways, during one afternoon with a Sami I learned to do the infamous "gorpi". It is a sausage made out of reindeer. All of the meat is taken care of from the reindeer. A little funny sidetrack is that instead of using the stomach or the intestines, which are not as easy to find nowadays you can use gauze bandage for the casing. A luxury variant is to use the fat surrounding the intestines which makes the sausage to look like in the picture.

    The ingredients are very easy but the result are the opposite: Salt and pepper and then you season it with whatever you want. We used garlic, chili and a bit of basil. LOVELY!

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    S, Send some my way so I can give it a taste test ! [​IMG]
  3. Hello.  Doggone it I can't remember the culinary term for the "casing" you used.  It is the stomach lining and is used in several dishes around the world.  In Scotland it is used to make haggis in the traditional method.  How about a recipe?  I don't have reindeer meat readily available but I am sure I can adapt.  Glad to have you with us and look forward to your contributions.  Keep Smokin!

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    Caul fat.
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    Hehe I used "casing" from the dictionary. But yes you are right, it is stomach lining!

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