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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by maplenut, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. maplenut

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    Ok, I now have a few smokes under my belt with my MES 40. So far I have used the stock wood chip tray for smoke generation.

    So far every smoke that I have done the wife has felt that the smoke favor was way to much. I have done chicken thighs, beef jerky and just yesterday a Fatty.

    I add wood chips about once an hour and only when I see no more smoke coming out of the top vent.

    Should I just not add wood chip as often?

    I have used different types of wood, I have tried Apple, hickory and Mesquite.
  2. How does it taste to you?  I know anything I think is just right, my wife finds too smoky.
  3. maplenut

    maplenut Fire Starter

    I think it tastes fine, it may be a little on the strong side.

    I am trying to figure out how to manage the smoke. Right now I fill the chip loader up to the flat sides of the loader.

    Would putting in fewer chips help lower the amount of smoke? I know that not putting any chips in would reduce the smoke, but then I would be better off doing the cooking inside in the oven.

    When I am running the smoker I notice that whenever I put a load of chips in not long after the smoke gets going and really starts to flow. The entire inside is filled with smoke. Is this a sign of too much smoke? That is why I was thinking that putting only a few chips of wood in each time would reduce this amount of smoke.

    My other thought is to use an AMNPS. I have been pondering one of these so that I could do cold/cool smoking. I am now wondering if this may reduce the amount of smoke that is giving off at once but give a more constant steady smoke, not too heavy.
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    I think you solved your own problem. The AMNPS is what most guys are using with very good results.

  5. A,l, just said it. Check out this link.

    If your smoker is full of white smoke that's your problem. You will here the term thin blue smoke ,Tbs  well that is what you want. You don't want white smoke. The picture is a great example of what you want and what you don't..

    If you open the smoker door and the smoke takes your breath away that is your problem    Jted
  6. maplenut

    maplenut Fire Starter

    Yeah there was  a time or two that I had to open the door and when I did it was strong enough to sting my eyes.

    I guess I will be placing an order for an AMNPS sooner than I thought![​IMG][​IMG]

    Thanks for the help.
  7. bearcarver

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    Yup----The AMNPS will give you up to 12 hours of constant, consistently perfect smoke, instead of the cycle of "from No smoke to light smoke, to nice smoke, to too much smoke, and back again, and again, and again!!!

    Light smoke for many hours is Great, but Heavy smoke for even a short time can be bad.

  8. Im new to this... Just bought my first smoker (40in masterbuilt bluetooth) yesterday and have ribs in as i type..... Everyone keeps talking about AMNPS and another acronym.. What is it wat does it do? Im confused and lost... Lol sorry. Is it something i just throw inside smoker on a rack or do i have to rig something up? Help please....
  9. bearcarver

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    AMNPS is a 5" X 8" Stainless Steel tray built like a maze. You can fill it with Saw Dust or Wood pellets, light one end properly, and put it in your MES 40 BT, on the left end of your bottom rack. Then it will burn slowly without flame, and give you perfect smoke for up to 11 hours without having to mess around with it.

    Here is where you find it:


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