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  1. Hello everyone,

    Here's my first set of Q-view. 

    I smoked three racks of St. Louis style ribs on my Cabela's propane smoker yesterday.

    Here are the ribs with my rub while the smoker starts to heat up. 

    This thin walled smoker doesn't hold heat well, but it does keep it constant because it is propane after all. It also leaks like crazy...I know it's time for an upgrade., but it does get the job done.

    Going into some foil after 3 hours of pecan smoke. 

    After 2 hours in the foil and 1 hour or so to finish them off, they were ready to come off the rack with a little bit of sauce.'s the final product. 

    Tasted good to everyone, so I was happy about that. This was my first time using pecan and it wasn't my favorite. I prefer using hickory as my wood of choice.

    I also need to amp up the spice in my rub. This batch was some leftover rub from a birthday party a few weeks ago and I had to make some that wasn't too spicy for everyone there. 

    These ribs got a little overcooked from a higher temperature, tried to keep it around 225 but it was adamant to stay around 250 no matter what I did. They still tasted pretty good.
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    Ribs look great!  

    You mention hickory is your favorite wood for smoking.  I like to use a combination on pork of hickory and cherry - about 50/50.

    I love pecan for brisket - with just a little mesquite mixed in.

    Here is something you might want to try....I smoked some very thick boneless pork chops using peach wood - they were awesome.  Well, actually I did a reverse sear - smoking them to an IT of 120 then on the hot grill for about 3 minutes on each side til they hit 145 IT.

  3. Thanks, Bill.

    When I smoked ribs for the birthday party I mentioned, I used 50/50 hickory and cherry. Everyone loved the flavor.

    Hickory just gives off the right flavor of smoke that I prefer. The pecan wasn't bad it was just too mild for my liking. The best ribs I ever smoked were done on this last Super Bowl, perfect balance of hickory/apple to a sweet but spicy rub. It's a variation on Meathead's Memphis Dust.

    I promised my folks that I would get away from smoking pork for a while, but pork chops sound too good. I'm going to try that...
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    Your ribs look great. Nice photos. I have to try St. Louis ribs. I've never made them.

    I did three racks of back ribs with 50/50 hickory and pecan this weekend. They were excellent. I agree that some hickory is best to get deep smoke flavor. I use a thick coating of a pretty standard pork rub: brown sugar, salt, black pepper, white pepper, hungarian paprika, smoked spanish paprika, ground fennel seeds, and ground coriander seeds. Heavy on the sugar, salt and paprika, light to moderate on all the other ingredients.  I smoked them for three hours at about 200 degrees, then choked them in covered aluminum pans with a bit of stock in the bottom for two hours at 225. Then just a quick 15 minutes at 350 to glaze on some Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. 
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