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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jefrox01, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Im about to smoke ribs for the first time...I got one slab of beef spare ribs and one pork..I thought the spares would be alot bigger then baby backs.I'm going to do the 3-2-1 method ,I was wondering why the extra hour from the 2-2-1 method for baby backs..they dont seem that much bigger.I have just made jeffs rub and was wondering if I'm suppose to put mustard on the ribs before i apply the rub.Also do I just spray the apple juice right before I foil..I'm gonna fire up the smoker at about 1pm..
  2. The time difference is either because it takes longer for pork to cook or it takes longer to get tender. Wish I could remember which but I'm a noob lol.

    You can use mustard and some also use olive oil. I use mustard just because I can see where I applied it. there is no flavor difference.

    If you are going to foil then a 1/4 cup of juice in there for the foil period is all you need. You can spray at other times for flavore reasons though.
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    I didnt know it had to do with on being pork..I wonder if I should put the beef spares a hour after the porks then.
  4. You could do that. I find my pork ribs finishing in 5hrs rather than 6. that may be because I tend to let the smoke wander to 250 more than I should.
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    I never do any beef ribs as long as pork. 3-2-1 for pork, more like 2- 1.5 -1 for beefies. Beef just didn't need as long as pork.
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    I think Im going to just put both of them in at the same time..and maybe go 2.5,2,1  should I use my probe or just go by what it looks like...and temp wise 225 is perfect?
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    I dint see ur reply...I think I take ur advice
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    Usually not enough meat to mess with a probe.
  9. Yep, that's what I would do. If one finishes first just pull it off and foil it up to keep it warm. I doubt you would be looking at more than an hour difference.
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    All great advice, The only thing I would add is

    [​IMG]  Don't forget the Qview[​IMG]
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    Rap X2
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    Rap X3
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    I do mine 3-2-1, but you can do them:






    Or many other combos, too numerous to mention.

    Or if the meat is thick enough to get a probe in, away from the bone, just go by temp.

    While you're doing whatever you decide to do, take notes of what you're doing. 

    Then next time do it differently. Then compare notes & which way you like it the best.

    I have never smoked anything without taking copious notes.

    That way I can constantly improve my smoking, and if I ever make anything that SUCKS, it will not happen again!

    And as mentioned earlier, don't forget the Qview !!!

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