Snack sticks made with Bearcarver's Bearloaf recipe with Q view

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rich-, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Last week I made up a 2 pound batch of Bearcarver's Bearloaf and stuffed into colagen casings for snack sticks, It was great except I had put to much salt in the mix.

    Yesterday I mixed 3 pounds of GB with 2 Pounds of ground pork, and used Bears recipe again for snack sticks. I stuffed and smoked this batch today.

    I'm here to tell you they are really good, great flavor, just enough heat to notice but not so hot they are uncomfortable to eat. UUUMMMM GGGOOOOOD.

    Oh BTW, I didn't make them too salty this time, I will add tho, that I made an omlett for breafast this morning with the salty snack stick cut in small pieces and the omlett was awesome.

    meat for mixing.

    Wet ingredients

    GB & Pork mixed & ready for wet mix.

    All mixed and run through the grinder a second time

    Stuffing with my Dakotah stuffer

    5# stuffed & ready for smoker

    In smoker with TBS

    Out of smoker @ 152 degrees and resting

    I think this is referred to as the money shot.

    Bear, Thanks again for your recipe, I am extremely pleased with it and any one else that wants to make a tastey batch of snack sticks, I highly recommend Bearcarvers Bearloaf recipe,

    Ya might have to thin the meat a tad bit to make stuffing easier, but it turns out great.

  2. disco

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    Great Qview of a recipe I want to try. Thanks.


  3. so ms smoker

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     Really good looking sticks! Nice job!

  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice Job, Rich!!!

    So glad you liked them!!

    I took some to my annual Beth Steel Reunion last year, and everybody went nuts over them!!

    Thanks Rich,

  5. Those look great! Nice job!

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