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    Aloha Y'all!

    I saw an infomercial the other night on the Traeger smoker and it piqued my interest to smoke some meat/food.

    Being born and raised in Hawaii, I grew up grilling/hibatchi most of my meats unless we did a pig underground, (Kalua Pua'a) then it was smoked.

    My dad had a Komado and he loved it, he smoked my first octopus I caught and it was soooo tender.

    Well now I live in Austin Texas...moved here last year and it seems BBQ is a big thing here, so learning to smoke meat is what I should do.

    As you can see I'm new to smoking....meat that is, and I'm not in a rush to purchase just any smoker.

    The Traeger looked good, but then I found this website (AWESOMENESS!)  and realized there are so many other smokers out there...Youtube was also an influence.

    I've read the entire thread on GMG and I'm leaning towards getting that one...only wished it was made in U.S.A., then again most if not all tools at Lowes is from China also.

    Glad I have old tools from U.S.A.

    So I hope...well I know I will, gather more info to help my decision on which smoker to purchase.

    So far I've read about Yoder, GMG, Traeger, & Mak all seem to have their strength and weakness.

    I'm thinking I should start with something small, but I just don't want to end up with a bunch of smokers as I progress, hence the research...yeah I could sell the ones I don't want,

    but that's just another process I'll have to do.

    Looking forward to moving forward with my smok'n hobby!

  2. Aloha, welcome to the site, this is a good place to learn.  Take your time shop around, ask questions, and get the one you want.  That's a good list you've got there, I'll just mention Memphis Grills, they're made in the US.  Good luck on your search, and good smokin'.
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