Smoking two pork butts at once

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    Hello all.  Re-visiting the forums here to get some expert advice.  I am looking at smoking two pork butts at once and needed a little knowledge.  I have smoked pork butts before, but never two at once.  I am using a MES 30" electric smoker and a AMNPS.  My pork butts in the past have ranged from 6 to 7.5 lbs and take anywhere from 14-20 hours (depending on how cold the nights get.)  I usually smoke them at around 235* and wait until the IT is 200*-204*.

    When smoking two pork butts at the same time, is this going to really increase my cook time?  If so, how much can I expect?  A few hours or more than that?  Is it safe to say they both should get to the ideal IT at the same time (assuming they are close to the same weight)?  Thanks for any feedback.
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  2. I would not look for any significant increase in time for the two butts over cooking just one.  I assume your smoker is large enough to allow good space between the two butts for proper air flow and circulation.  The initial amount of cold mass may lower the temp of your smoker for a short period of time while it recovers the temp but in the long term scheme of things I would be surprised if that translated into an overall longer cook time.  I would not assume that they will both reach your target temp at the same time.  Each piece of meat is different.  My experience has been that butts of the same size usually finish very close together but not always.  Check your temps individually.  Happy smoking and be sure to get some Qview pics posted. Joe
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    Thanks for the reply.  Yeah I am using the Maverick ET-733 with 2 probes, so I will have a probe in each piece of meat (instead of the 2nd one monitoring the inside of the smoker itself.)  As far as room goes, I remove the top rack and set the top pork butt on the 2nd rack.  I am thinking I will have to remove the third rack and place the 2nd pork butt on the 4th rack, which is directly above where the AMNPS sits (on top of the chip warmer.)  I am hoping there is enough room then for air flow and circulation.

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