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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bhath19, Jan 9, 2016.

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    I've smoked pork loin before but never this type of cut.  It's about 5.5lbs and am trying to get an idea of how long to smoke for a guide.  I have a thermostat to monitor temp since that's what is important.  I'm shooting for 155 as the temp which sounds like what it should be at for moist, tender meat.  Also, there is a fat cap, which when I've smoked pork shoulder I've always removed, should I leave on since it's a smaller piece of meat than a shoulder?  If so, what do I need to do with it (i.e. score the fat cap, etc)?  
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    Smoke fat-cap on, up, for self basting. The loin is lean, so, yes, cook to temp. They don't really benefit much from low & slow, so I like mine in a ~250* smoke chamber...figure on around 0.6-0.7hr/lb...depending on smoker, etc. 155* is fine for finished temps, but don't forget carry-over temp...remove from cooker about 4-5* below your target temp and it will continue to climb for a bit while resting. Higher cooker temps create a higher carry-over temp than lower cooker temps.

    Cross-hatch score so the fat renders out a bit faster, and this will also help to prevent the cap from shrinking up and creeping, causing bare meat long after the smoke started...just looks nicer when finished.

    Whole loin cut in half, cross-hatched, heavily rubbed, both ends on a Weber 18 OTG grill, indirect @ 275*+:

    Enjoy that loin!!!

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    That is a nice smoke!


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