Smoking butts for the holiday

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by cncbbq, May 26, 2013.

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    Butts were on sale for .99c so I decided to buy four for this weekend.  This is the third time this year I have found butts on sale for a dollar, needless to say I have been doing a lot of smoking. So on with the show....

    The butts

    The price

    The rubs

    The rub down

    The grill setup

    Grill is loaded

    We are smoking 11am 5/26/2013

    Now it is time to do some yard work.  Later I will run to the store for the sauce ingredients and my holiday brew.

    Thanks s2k9k for the link, I am use to just posting the img link in to a post and it working, this process is a major pain in the butt.
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    OK last night turned in to a long night after the brews starting kicking in.  Fortunate for me I had been smoking butts all day and some friends stopped by to help devour a whole butt.  Below you will see the continuation of "Smoking butts for the holiday" saga.

    The remaining 3 of 4 butts

    After spending the night in the fridge, I pulled the pork in chunks.

    Next I packed the BBQ in gallon ziplocks and added in some vinegar sauce, now it is ready for the freezer.  The chunks will shred down to perfect pulled pork on the reheat.

    Happy Memorial Day.  I think I will take the jeep out and enjoy the beautiful weather today.
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    Looks really good!


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