Smoking brisket for the first time

Discussion in 'Beef' started by matthew evans, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. matthew evans

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    I'm New here and will be smoking a brisket I picked up today at Costco. The meat looks good, but I realized after I got hone Most people smoke brisket in the 8 plus pound range. the one I bought is only four. If I was following a step process that called for a 8Lb brisket, would it be ideal to Pressume the cooking time is cut in half? Thank in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!
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    Hi Matthew.

    You can use the same general rule of thumb for a brisket of any size/weight...plan on 1.5-2 hours per raw pound of meat.  Just realize that this is only a guess...the only way to know when its done is by monitoring the internal temp (IT) of the meat.  You need a reliable meat probe thermometer, and then take the brisket to an IT of near 200*.  When it starts getting close to that target temp, use a toothpick to probe it in several places periodically.  When the toothpick slides in and out easily, its done

    Good luck, hope this helps.  Be sure to show and tell us how it turns out!

  3. Yes you can go by roughly half the time for a brisket half the weight  [​IMG]
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    Time for the cook is a general term. Cook brisket by internal temp. If you cook by time and she's not up to a correct IT brisket can be super tough to eat.
  5. matthew evans

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    Smoked that brisket today. Took a lot less time than expected...prob because of the small cut and the electric smoker. Overall the flavor and tenderness were good...could have been a bit more tender though. Smoked it to 150 degrees at 225. Wrapped in foil until it hit 202. Then pulled it out to cool at room temp and set it in the the oven wrapped in tin foil at 170 for another hour or so cuss I needed to stretch out eating time. Attaching a pic

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