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    no problem here with my #3. I did a 8.5 pound butt 2 weeks ago at 225 for 17 hours to rave reviews from dinner guests. It ran all night flawlessly and I awoke to the wonderful smell of slow cooking pork on the porch....just sayin'.........Willie
  2. I have a #2 for sale for $325.  It's in the classified section.  Been used twice.  Chip Tray, rib holders, and cover...
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    I've used my #2 three times so far. I have a maverick thermometer and have seen some temp fluctuations of the smoker internal temps by about 20 degrees, but considering the simplicity of the design of the smoker with a heating coil and the heat sensor, I'm not surprised. I trolled this forum for a while and read too many bad reviews of the MES and little negative about the smokin-it. I likely wouldn't have purchased mine if I did, and I likely would still not have a smoker. So it worked out. I guess not everyone lucks out though.
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    I need to ask a question at this point. I have a #2 and a #3. Both have produced wonderful results and have worked flawlessly. The temperature swing in the #2 is 15 degrees. Never measured the #3.

    What is the advantage of using a digital controller? Will it give me a better result? Digital controllers certainly cost more but what do I get for my money?
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    Here's a temp graph of the #3...set to 225, then 240, finally 250:

    You can see I opened a couple times ad the recovery as well.
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  6. I've had my #2 for about three months now and love it , There is a learning curve with it just like every other new smoker I have had, how much wood , where to set the heat, and cook times,,But I'm getting the hang of it and putting out some really good, pain free BBQ...

    No regrets...


    A couple Q-View pics

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    The concern over temperature swings in the electric smoker is logical.  In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section at SmokinTex, the answer is 45 degrees either way from the set point.  At Smokin-it, in the FAQ, the answer is 30 -40 degrees either way from the set point. 

    Both sites offer this information on their smokers. And considering the years of success from both brands, the temperature swings are not that big of an issue for most people.  Of course, if digital accuracy is desired or an absolute must, one can add an auxiliary PID, or purchase a digitally controlled unit from the get go, assuming one does their due diligence and researches thoroughly.  If an analog unit is purchased, and the buyer did their part, there should be no surprises.
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    I am so disappointed in my SI#3.  Regardless of what I put into this thing, it never gets up to temp.  

    I just pulled a 9# brisket that has been in there for 15 hours set at 250 degrees and must now finish in the oven as the IT is only at 162.  The smoker got over 200 degrees once but the rest of the time was 175 - 190.  I've had to do this on just about every smoke I've done.  I had this problem already and Steve sent me a new controller and element, but clearly that didn't fix it.  

    I see some guys have bought this Auber PID for $200 and that seems to fix the problem, but I shouldn't have to spend another $200 to do what this is already supposed to do.  


    Question...if I do decide to buy this Auber, that will override the temp controller and therefore should fix this problem, correct?  Also, I won't need my Maverick ET732 anymore, correct?
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    The Auber works great. Set temp plus or minus 2 deg. If you bypass your controller (very easy) you can go up to 350 deg.

    I only use my Maverick if I am doing two meats.
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    I've read most/all of your posts regarding the Auger.  Given my situation (my #3 won't get up to temp...even empty and turned up to 250, I top out around 210 or so), do you feel that bypassing the controller would allow it to get up to higher temps?
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    Good to see a bunch of my Smokin-It buddies (Sarge, Grimm, PJ,...) over here!  I'm the "newbie" here!  I own a #1, and love it!  Built like a tank, and produces some of the best Q anyone could ask for!  As for the few negative posts here (I read the thread from start to finish), I'd recommend folks to take them with a grain of salt, and make up their own minds based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews from owners.  There may be more than one side to the story...just saying. 

    Anyone who wants to see a lot of owner reviews and participation should check out  Ask questions from a heck of a lot of real owners/users who know what they bought, and have realistic expectations about what they're capable of!

    I'm strongly considering adding an Auber PID, but my #1 holds temp very well.  If I upgrade to a larger unit, I probably will add it.  For now, I'm OK. 
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    Tony, Glad to see you made it over here!
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    Anyone do 2 turkeys at the same time on a SI#3?

    I have to smoke (2) 18.5# birds for Wednesday...
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  15. I think you have a problem with the thermostat or element in your smok-n it smoker. It should  come up to temperature. Have you contacted the smokin it folks? I think his name is Steve.  I cooked 5  butts last Christmas at the same time and it did a fine job with the temperature control .  Good luck and I hope you do check with them. It is a good smoker. bordercollie
  16. Sorry, I see you already contacted Steve.. I had a late night..[​IMG]
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    Ditto!  Thanks Sarge!
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    Hi Judy!  Long time no post!! Good seeing (hearing) you back.
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    Seeking your feedback.

    So I received the new thermostat and installed it.  If I put nothing into the smoker, I can get it up to correct/accurate temps.  However, I like to put an aluminum pan on the lowest shelf just above the heat box (a) for easier clean up as it catches all the drippings and (b) I can put water in there for extra moisture.  However, when I put this pan in there, the inside temp maxes out around 190-200.  

    I am perplexed by this.  Since the heat element can heat this thing to up 350 if you bypass the thermostat, I see no reason that this pan would do anything other than maybe take a bit longer to get up to the maximum 250.  Same goes for when I put meat inside.  While I understand that meat absorbs some of the heat, there is still no reason that I can't get the inside temp all the way up to 250.

    Thoughts?  thanks.  
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    Place the pan above the temp probe and check the results. You need to confirm or eliminate the possibility that the pan is interfering with the reading by temp probe. Sounds silly, but worth checking out.  

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