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    Your electric smoker becomes more stable with food in it because you increased the thermal mass of the oven
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    Just a note to everyone looking to order.  The cord hanger, as someone noted above on the #3, adds significantly to the cost of shipping.  I recalculated for a #1, and it added $6 to the shipping!!  Wish I'd have noticed that before I ordered.  I didn't mind spending $4 on a small piece of bent metal but $10 and it kind of stinks lol.    For those that haven't ordered, the cord hanger gets throw in the bag with the wheels and only adds a few ounces to the shipping weight.  
  3. Yea, that's exactly why I didn't order the thing. $3 bucks for the hanger and an extra $10 on the shipping cost. I don't think it would add that much cost to the shipping.
  4. Hi, donald.

    Welcome aboard.

    I live in the Lynnwood area too, near the new High School.

    Purchased a Yoder 640 pellet smoker at Foothills Fireplace and Grills, the week before Christmas

    Was given a heavy plastic bag that a pallet of pellets is shipped in, to use as a cover.

    I keep the grill covered and pushed back under the roof eves to help protect from the rain.

    Use a shop vac to clean  the ashes. As they will absorb moisture. 

    Keep a spray can of high temp paint and a wire brush handy. To clean and paint over any flaking paint as soon as they appear.
  5. I don't think a smokin-it user is going to have to worry about those last two items.
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    If there's any case for not getting the model #1 and going bigger, this is it. This morning was the first time I regretted not spending the extra $$ and getting at least the 2. I had cut my 10# pork belly into thirds and they BARELY fit. Also, the AMNS doesn't really fit either. Not sure how others got it in there. I had to prop it up crooked. Not much room for doing out of the ordinary stuff. The bacon wouldn't even fit sideways. This unit is now on craigslist so I can hopefully recoop some money and purchase a 2 or 3.

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    I think I would have used vertical racks instead of hooks on those pork bellies. But, that's just me. I bought the hooks, but haven't had a need to use them yet on my No.1.
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    I don't have any vertical racks for the smoker. Had to get it in there the best that I could. Was a tight fit with the AMNS!
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    movin' on decision, you'll be happy
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    Sounds like a good reason to upgrade to me!
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    Wish I could afford it but spent a decent amount on this one already. Will have to hope someone takes this off NY hands first.
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  13. This is the best one in my opinion. The reason is that each slab is actually held apart, unlike every other rack I have ever seen. All others have only one set of wire/steel in-between the slabs. That way no air/heat/smoke can circulate between the slabs. On this one, space is forced with each slab having it's own U shaped wire holder, which allows even circulation on all slabs. It only holds 3 slabs but, you can buy more than one. I have 4 and can fit 12 slabs on my MES40 with them. They all come out evenly smoked without having to mess with them.
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  14. Placed my order for #2 at 3:00 p.m. today; got shipment confirmation at 6:00 p.m.. The waiting begins. My first smoker, and looking forward to it. Thanks to everybody here for all their input, which really made the shopping decision something of a no-brainer.
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    Congrats, that's one heck of a first smoker!
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    Might be the last smoker ever needed.
  17. That is my hope! Just checked the Fed-Ex site, they say delivery Monday. That is spectacular service - order Friday afternoon, delivery Monday. It helps to be located in an adjacent state, I think - and it sure knocks down the price of shipping, too. Now I'm researching recipes for the firat smoke, which will probably be pork tenderloins next weekend.
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    When I received my No.1, my attempt at pork tenderloin was not satisfactory. Since that first attempt, I learned how to make  a brine for Pork Tenderloin, which made all the difference in the world. It is easy too, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of sugar and a little apple juice dissolved in hot water, let cool and submerge tenderloin 24 hours. Lately, I've been adding a bag of Old Savanna Crab Boil mix to the brine which gives it a great peppery flavor.

    Congratulations on your smoker.
  19. Thanks for this. I was expecting I'd need to brine, based on what I've read so far, but hadn't begun to look for recipes - so thanks for the list of ingredients. I wonder how similar Old Bay is to the Savannah Crab Boil you mention. I have a bunch of Old Bay I'd like to use up. I ordered a bag of Tatanka Dust rub also, which should be good. Tried Jeff's rub and sauce on a rack of baby backs last weekend (done in the oven), and those were both great, too, but not sure that's what I want on the tenderloin. I don't think I can eat enough fast enough for all the stuff I want to try. What a quandry!
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    Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I decided to go with the #2 Smokin-It Smoker rather than its little brother. The shelf space on the smaller one, according to the manufacturer, is only 11" square which seems limiting to me. I have one of those small office refrigerators at home and by measuring its dimensions I was able to visualize what the #1 looked like. I've also read a couple of posts in this string that regret not having spent the extra money and having gone with the larger size in the first place.

    So the #2 it is! Now I just need to wait for my birthday moolah Saturday and I'm ready to order.

    Again, thanks for everyone's input in helping me reach this decision!
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