Smokin' ECB- Chicken Breasts and Pork Wrapped Pork?

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by bobank03, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Today I am pulling some skinless chicken breast out of the freezer that I want to eat for my lunch this week at work. I already have some meals lined up, but I need to stick to my diet (protein and low carbs) so the skinless breast are a good fit. And they were in the freezer waiting...

    And since I am only smoking up two skinless breasts I decided I could not afford to waste the space (and the smoke, and the heat) and decided on some pork wrapped pork. This is like a "Where's Waldo". (or the travelocity gnome).

    What am I cooking? 

    Here is my breakfast it is my inspiration/ motivation for today's smoke!


    Browning to perfection.                            Plated and oh so good. 

    After I took my two slices for breakfast, that only leaves two slices!
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    Looks great Bob.  

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