Smoker build in the mountains of Guatemala

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by plimtuna, Apr 15, 2015.

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    A problem that needs help solving:  

    I have been an avid smoker for years.  I often post the pictures of my efforts on Facebook or send them to my family in Guatemala (as a result of my marriage to the lovely missus of 25 years).  In the past I have smoked many different items, vacuum sealed them, froze them, stuffed them in my suitcase and shared with the family.

    this year in anticipation of my 25th wedding anniversary I would like to try to build or have a smoker built for me at the family homestead.  See picture here... 

    I have a brother in law who can supervise the work off of my plans.  They can do simple welding and there are barrels to be had.  They also do much with block and cement, maybe some bricks.

    What they won't have a lot of is prefabbed cast iron parts.  I can bring down small parts (thermometers, handles etc) in my suitcase, but I won't be carrying any cast iron grates or doors etc.


    Can anyone lead me to the most simplest of build ideas?  I would like to build something by guiding my brother in law with drawings and photos.  I would like it to be able to handle a couple shoulders or so.  I currently use a MES 40" and I love the size.  Cold and snow will never be an issue.

    I have visited a smoke house down there that is doing sausage with a small wood fire in the middle of a room, but that was nearly cold smoking and I am not interested in that big of a build. 

    Any links pictures and plans would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you can get drums,You can make a vertical or horizontal. Grates can be made out of New Rebar I have seen that type used in the Philippines. Side fire box smaller drum just kicken some ideas your way.
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    You are right, they can do some amazing things with barrels, angle irons and rebar.  If I was there to supervise, I am sure that I could do it from my head based on what I have seen over the years.  But in this case I am asking my brother in law to lead the workers to build it and I was hoping to find some plans, photos ideas that can show him the way.

    I have 7 months still, so plenty of time.

    for me the one thing that will be interesting is that now I use my MES 40" and I kind of set it and forget it.  Many overnight smokes etc.  In this case, when I use it down there, I will have to be monitoring it the whole time.  Granted, there are hammocks, beer fridge, shade and an occasional breeze that will make it time well spent.


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