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    Hello everyone! I have lurked the site for months sucking in everyone recipes and advice. I have been in a tug of war with myself for a month trying to figure what would be the best way to configure my trailer set up. 

    I will first show you the pics of the hardware.

    The trailer I am going to use. I picked it up from a older gentleman for $50.00. It has no title, but i can title it once the trailer is finished. 


    The main smoking chamber. This is a old kerosene tank (I thing 300 gallons). A gentleman on a local board I use posted it for free if someone would come pic it up. Here is where I am playing tug of war. I don't know if I want it to be a vertical smoker or sort of a off-set smoker. I have both a off-set and vertical smoker that I bought from Wally world. I like the vertical smoker the best and use it 90% of the time, BUT I would use the off-set more if it controlled heat better. Anyway on to the pic and I will also try and render a somewhat presentable paint of both ideas.


    So here is a pic of the grill I picked up at a yard sale for $5.00. It had legs but they were about rusted away. I want to mount this grill to the back of the trailer.


    So know you see the hardware. I should have also stated I am going to use propane as the main heating source for the smoker. The grill is pretty large so I think I am going to put a spliter down the middle of it a use both propane and charcoal. 

    Please don't make fun of my crude paint too

    Here is the first way I was thinking. I am leaning more this way, but I would like to know the hives thoughts good and bad.


    Here is the second way I was thinking of doing it. I don't like this way as much, but I think it would be cheaper and a bit easier. 


    Again please look past the bad pics. I want to get started on this so it is done before winter. Once I figure out the way I want it to go I will get the stuff welded on the trailer them get it sand blasted and painted. everything from there I can do through out the winter (flooring, propane lines & ect.). 

    Thanks for looking and if you think there is a better way to do it please let me know. I am always looking for better ideas.
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    Help me out
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    Do the traditional lay out #2 but build a RF and place the grill on the backside of the smoker on top of the fender. by the way very nice finds i wish i was so lucky
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    I agree, go with the second layout.  A properly built offset will work much nicer than what you were dealing with.
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    This setup would work good I am fixing to put a grill on the back side of my smoker!

    your grill looks like it is smiling at us..
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