Smoked Pork Butt w/ Q-view

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  1. I haven't posted much on here, but I am on a lot checking to see best methods for smoking. This forum has been an amazing resource. I've had lots of success with everything I've tried - chicken wings and legs, turkeys, pork tenderloin and baby back ribs. I decided to smoke my first pork butt on New Years Day. It was amazing! Decided to smoke two more this past weekend and thought I'd share some q-view and commentary. Thanks again to everybody who shares on this sight. You've made it easy to become a smoking addict😜

    Found a few pork butt roasts on sale for $1.79 a lb. One was 4.95 lbs and the other 5.33 lbs. I rinsed in cold water and trimmed a little bit of fat off one.
    Added some dry rub that my wife mixed up. Not sure of the recipe, but it's delicious on chicken and pork.
    And then wrapped and put them in the fridge for the night.
    Woke up at 4:45am to preheat the smoker and soak some hickory and cherry chips. Threw the chips on at 5:15am. And then the butts went on at 6:00am.
    My smoker is electric and can sometimes be fussy with the temp. Even though I preheated, it took 3 hours to get back up to 225-230 degrees. I wasn't in a hurry, so I didn't worry much.

    While it was heating back up, I went and met a couple friends for a snowy trail run. Traditionally, someone always brings craft beer for an after run refuel. It was only 10am, but IPA's taste best right of the trail.

    I got back home at 11am and checked the butts. At 5 hours into the smoke they were both at about 155 degrees and looking gorgeous.
    Took another hour to get up to 160.
    Finally hit 165 degrees around 1pm. Time to add some apple juice and wrap.
    Back in the smoker and raised the temp to about 140-145 degrees. Hit 205 at about 4pm (10 hour smoke).
    Well, almost 205 😄
    Pulled them off the smoker, left wrapped and threw a couple towels over them for an hour. Then it was time to pull. The pic is kinda dark cuz the light in our kitchen isn't very bright.
    Bone slipped right out. So tender. I barely did much pulling. The meat kinda fell apart.
    Mixed some of the juice from the pan with some bbq sauce and drizzled over some pork for a couple of sandwiches; although the meat was delicious without adding anything to it.
    My wife grew up in the south and she knows good pulled pork. She gave this a thumbs up.

    Had plenty to freeze for another couple meals.
    I also saved the leftover juice from the pan. Let it chill in the fridge, scraped off the fat the next morning and froze it to keep for reheating the extra meals.

    I also made a pulled pork omelet the next morning.
    There's chedder cheese and Bbq sauce hiding in there. Tasty.

    I do have one question. Both packages were labeled pork butt. One of the bones (pictured) seemed like the shoulder bone. The bone in the other roast (not pictured) was really skinny/thin and about 4-5 inches long - not at all like the pictures one. Does that make it a different cut of meat? Lower shoulder?

    Either way, it was amazing. Thanks again for all the tips and tricks.

  2. Dave

    It all looks good. Glad the wife gave it thumbs up. As for the bone it is just the other part of the butt.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Good to know.  Thanks David.
  4. Looks great. Good job man!
  5. Thanks timberjet!
  6. That's some nice looking pork     I'm hungry

  7. Thanks Gary
  8. b-one

    b-one OTBS Member

    The omelet looks extra tasty, the pork looks tasty as well!
  9. That's a nice looking omelet   gotta be good

  10. The only things that would have made the omelet better is if I could have smoked it. Hmmm...

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