smoked my first pork tenderloin today!!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by faststang71, May 3, 2013.

  1. I smoke me my first Pork Tenderloin tonight took me 2 hours and 20 minutes with 6.87lbs and on average 220* most all way through and it went up to 230* the last 20 minutes so i figured id say hell with it got to trial and error anyways. So any ways this is what I done:

    My Injection included Worchestier Sauce, apple cider vinegar, apple juice, little salt, and some Louisiana hot sauce. I injected it probably 10 times or so and let it sit in the fridge for an hour before i threw it on the grill around 7pm rubbed down with just brown sugar.

    at about 830 the temp was approaching 130ish degrees pulled it out and got some aluminum foil and had more brown sugar, parkway spread, ans some sweet baby rays BBQ sauce the length of the loin and laid it fat side down and did the same on the back side and poured in a cup of apple juice for the remainder 45 min. It came out not as well as I liked but i managed to keep it juicy but real tough. I pulled it off at 160*.

    Overall I am happy with way it came out. This is my first smoke on my new smoker. Its a Hondo Classic made by New Braunfel. (Char-Broil)

    The smoke ring was very slight but noticeable. Just dont understand why its so juicy but tough. Did I pull it off to late ?
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    Taking the internal temp to 160 is what toughened up the loin. Your efforts injecting and braising in the foil is what kept it moist. At 160 a loin that is not injected would have been tough and dry. I like to pull them at 142 and wrap in foil to rest. The loin temp will raise to 145 which is juicy and tender. You want to be sure it gets to 145 IT minimum.
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    Tenders are way too lean for the finished temp to go over 145*F. I like to go to 135*F, USDA minimum, and let is rest to 140*F. At a 140*F finished IT it will be Medium and pink on the inside which is preferred by most Chef's but there are still many Old School folks, my Mom [​IMG], that freak at the sight at pink pork. For her I go to 140-142*F and carryover will take it to 145*F which is still juicy and tender but no pink...JJ
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  4. welcome to the group faststang. I'm glad it turned out juicy. now that you have your first loin out of the way. the next loin will be a breeze. next time post lots of pics. we all like to share in your smoking triumphs and the not so triumphs. what doesn't kill the dog. makes us better smokers.[​IMG]

    happy smoken.

  5. seenred

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    [​IMG]  ...Yep...What they said!  Mrs. Red is much like JJ's mom...she has an aversion to pink pork, so I always take a tenderloin to 140, then wrap til it cruises up to about 145*

  6. bamafan

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    You'll nail the next one. I did the same thing to a couple of them til I found this site. Like Chef Jimmy said not enough fat. I ruined quite a few pieces of meat in the early years. My daughter is hoping to be at Tuscaloosa next year at the University. She'll be missing daddy's cooking, maybe you can cure her BBQ fix[​IMG]
  7. Ha ha lot of good bbq places here but only few I choose I'm very picky bout this stuff.The fiance would die then I'd be single which wouldn't be good ha ha I love that woman even though she drives me crazy Lol. So next time I'll pull it at 145 instead of 160
  8. O yea smoked with cherry and pecan

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