Smoked garlic cloves

Discussion in 'Other' started by stoverr2, May 27, 2013.

  1. stoverr2

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    I decided to take advantage of the smoke being used for bacon and am attempting a variation on one of my dad's recipes. He likes to make honeyed garlic cloves to snack on while at the cabin. Basically he combines garlic, beer, and honey. Simmers it until the beer is almost evaporated away, and then increases the temp a bit to caramelize the garlic. I did almost the same thing, using a touch of molasses and brown sugar instead. (didn't have any honey handy, still too early in the season to collect from the hives)

    I used 12 ounces of cloves, a bottle of wheat beer, about 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and about 2 tbs of molasses. Simmered for about 30 minutes, maybe 45, then drained off most of the excess liquid. Kicked up the heat for a few minutes, then put in the grill pan.

    Now I'll let them smoke for about 3 hours before sampling. May let them go longer, kinda playing this by ear....

    I had to use my camp stove since my wife is making cookies in the kitchen and didn't want everything to taste like garlic.

  2. They sound tasty I'm curious to see how they come out.
  3. kathrynn

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    Show us the q-view after they are done.  Looks interesting!

  4. stoverr2

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    I checked them after 3 hours and felt they still needed more time. Here is a pic after 5 hours. I went ahead and pulled them. Figure this is a good starting point for my first attempt. I'll let them rest for a day or three and try them on some nice crusty bread.

  5. stoverr2

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    Decided to submerge some in olive oil. 

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    Stover, morning.....  The submerged garlic NEEDS to be in the refer.....   Garlic has been known to promote botulism....  botulism grows fairly well in the absence of oxygen between 40 and 140..... and the spores aren't killed until a temp of 250 is reached, like in a pressure cooker....  There is one of many articles on the web......

  7. stoverr2

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    Thanks for the heads up Dave.  Both are in the refrigerator, and have been since about 2 minutes after I snapped that pic.  I considered canning the oil and garlic, but I don't want to alter the flavor too much.  Will maybe test that near the end of summer as I can produce from the garden.  For now I'm just testing flavors to see what we like.
  8. daveomak

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    Some safe ways to process Garlic infused oils...  or so they say....       Dave

                                ....................      The harvest     ...................

        [​IMG]             [​IMG]

                      Garlic I grow                                                Peeled

          [​IMG]           [​IMG]  

            Sliced and dried                                       Frozen then vac packed

          [​IMG]           [​IMG]

    Bride and I are garlic lovers....  I grow about 500 plants every year..... Hardneck variety...  

    I have learned a lot about garlic over the years and have been lucky in the past.... 

    Doing stuff, that is not Kosher, and getting away with it....  Now I heed all the warnings

    and try to pass on that knowledge......  

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