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  1. Foam, that all looks awesome, I'm really impressed.  I'm no stranger around the kitchen, but I leave the baking up to my wife (except for bread, that's my domain, too), pecan pie is my favorite.  Around our house we get to choose the cake we want for our birthdays, and instead of cake I usually opt for chocolate pecan pie, can't beat it.

    We have all kinds of gadgets for corn on the cob, including some of those fancy butter spreading thingys, but the old standby we usually use is rolling the corn directly on the stick of butter on a plate like c farmer.  Maximum butter with minimum effort.

    Great post folks, thanks for sharing!
  2. mdboatbum

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    Damn Foam, you've got me sitting here at 8am thinking about pulled pork and pecan pie. That's one heck of a feed!! Everything looks fantastic.

    For corn, we always did the butter in the saucer thing when I was a kid. Then once in my 20's I went with a buddy to visit his grandmother in a little town outside Pittsburgh. At dinner, she put a heavily buttered piece of bread on everyone's plate. I wondered why, then my buddy picked up his ear of corn and took the bread and wiped the butter all over it. It perfectly coated the corn, and you still had the buttered bread to eat. It was one of those "why the hell didn't I think of this?" moments.

    And my mom always did the little cinnamon sugar treats with the pie crust scraps too! She would roll them up into little bite sized pieces and for some reason always called them Tootsie Rolls.

    Thanks for the q-view and the trip down memory lane!!
  3. sqwib

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    I really enjoyed this thread, thanks for posting such a detailed cookumentary[​IMG]
  4. hickorybutt

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    Foam - 

    Much respect for a man that bakes his own buns (well now that sounded weird).

    Seriously, looks awesome.  You gotta show us a picture of the sammich right before you eat it once the pork is pulled.  I think I may take a pack of pulled pork out of my freezer after seeing this... 
  5. bearcarver

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    Wow Foamy!!

    I'm jealous of how you can Do It All !!! Pork--Buns--Pie!!![​IMG]

    That Butt looks really Tasty!!![​IMG]

    Thanks for a Great Thread!!-----------------[​IMG]

    BTW: All we ever did was butter a slice of Bread, and then wrap it around an ear of corn & spin it to butter it.

  6. aceoky

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    Funny thing about "how much time" it will take- I still remember the true old saying "BBQ is done When It is done" ....LOL

    VERY good looking grub and awesome thread btw
  7. mdboatbum

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    maybe it's a PA thing.
  8. sqwib

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    That's the way Dad does it.
  9. foamheart

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    I just get started and usually don't know when to stop. LOL Thank you kindly for the compliment. When you are standing around waiting for something else, you can clean or cook something else, I normally opt for the later !
    Thank you sir, I was having a hard time deciding to cook that butt, it was one of two in the freezer designated for sausage at 1.29/lb. LOL
    I used it while living in West Texas/ N.M. and made pralines from it. Really good, even the Mexicans liked it and when its dark you can't see the imperfections (did I say that nice or what!) in the sugar. The Mexicans made a type of praline also although it was more a caramel. When a kid we'd go cut and strip a joint of cane and chew it, the juice was semi sweet but that stringy pulp could sure mess ya up if ya swallowed it.LOL
  10. foamheart

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    Thank you, LOL We got to name our cake too. But my Pop does love a pecan pie and once when first married made my Mom made with a comment about her's and his mothers. LOL He never got another. So we would both ask for them and he'd bribe us to get them....LOL
    I would tell you what those scraps were called but I can't, I would be branded a racist and banned from the site. It was acceptable back then, but would delicately cause trouble now. Why do people let words have strength over them I'll never know.
    Cookurmentary (Tm) ~ SQWIB LOL. Thanks man.
  11. See, that's why I NEVER insult my wife's cooking, no matter what.  I figure her cooking's likely to improve at much faster rate that her temper's likely to cool down, I'm just playing the odds.

    I hope you got fair market price on your slice [​IMG]  
  12. foamheart

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    Thank you much, if you are going to spent 13 hours doing an anticipated 18-20 hours smoke you have loads of time to bake bread.
    Thank you Bear, but I bet if you would just twice try it, once to learn how, you'd laugh at you reluctance.
    That you. I always heard the same, but usually its when the pork is running 2 hours too long, not 8 hours too early! I have heard folks say their meat cooked in a remarkable time before, always figured they had just missed something. I am hear to tell you the only unusually thing done this smoke was the door only opened twice the entire smoke. That's cutting 1/3 of the cooking time on a butt using low and slow. That's amazing!
  13. aceoky

    aceoky Smoking Fanatic

    I sure know what you mean, but after "so many" going over the time you deserve one much earlier IMO
  14. foamheart

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    I was raised in the country, Mom went to town once every two weeks on pay-day to get what groceries we needed. Remember when there were gas stations and no convenience stores?  It was a camp village, not a farm or a ranch. We were not poor, we were better off that most, but my Mom and my Dad were "Frugal", its a nice word for cheap! LOL Its why he retired at 57. Anyway we had a small garden plot much like folks show here for veggies. Sometimes a cow or a pig (This is in my youth now). But never a milk cow. So we bought butter, milk, well Our dairy products. Its probably why I do not like unpasteurized milk and unsalted butter.

    See, it just takes me awhile to explain, LOL.

    Cut a stick of butter in half and roll the corn in it? Buttered bread that wasn't for breakfast with homemade jelly? These things didn't exist. A stick of butter Mom probably figured should last all week! When we had corn, you got a pat of butter which you quickly learned to spead rapidly with perfection. You might sneak in and get a "large" pat, but you got that look from the Mom when you did it. If you thought of reaching for another you'd probably draw back a nub where your hand used to be.LOL

    After the corn, you might get a piece of bread or a biscuit and sop up any type juices left....LOL

    I just can't imagine the looks back then, that cutting a stick of butter in 1/2 would have caused..... ROFLMAO A buttered slice of bread? OMW! Who heard of such a thing.

    I can remember the Thanksgiving Mom brought out the "Corn boats" for the butter and corn. You would have thought we were the Vanderbilt's! And then me being that stupid college kid, opening my mouth and teasing Mom about it.

    Mom and Dad loved corn, especially the early season white "Silver Queen" I think it was the first non-feed corn they ever had.

    Thank guys for getting me to remember a bunch of things too.
  15. foamheart

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    LOL.. my Pop had to learn tact the hard way. LOL

    Mom made one of "Those" pies as a newlywed, trying to please Pop and you needed a spoon to eat it. He was trying to make her feel better (his side of the story), and said, "if she kept trying she no doubt would get as good as his mother at pecan pies". She NEVER made him another.

    I have heard the story every time a pecan pie is made, and its always funny.
  16. foamheart

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    You just never even think it possible to cut the cooking time by 1/3. It was amazing.
  17. foamheart

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    LOL... wow I just realized I didn't take a pulled picture! Well this AM I pulled it, I added about 1/4 Cup of that world famous Chef JJ's fabulous finishing sauce. I tossed the meat around to get some on all of it. That stuff is amazing (I had about 1/4 Cup of honey to mine, it slightly off sets the vinegar and its makes it stick to the meat!) but don't tell Chef.

    I got 4 each quart Ziploc bags of pulled pork goodness after last night's small sample that dropped on the floor, and this mornings breakfast while pulling..... well say you wouldn't do it too! LOL.

    I don't know which is better, the pulled pork, the homemade bun, or that good Short Sugars BBQ sauce from N.C. I can say without fear of argument that all together it frickin awesome! So awesome I have got to go and hide some pulled pork so I can make enchiladas this next week! Melt in your mouth good!

    You couldn't stand seeing something that good anyway, so I don't feel bad not taking pictures this time. 
  18. mdboatbum

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    That's the wonderful thing about cooking. JJ took a Carolina vinegar sauce, added a few things and it's suddenly JJ's  Famous Finishing Sauce!! From this moment forward, let it be known that with the addition of honey, the new sauce shall be known as Foamheart's Fabulous Finishing Sauce!!
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  19. foamheart

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    I am flattered by the thought, but to me it will always be JJ's.

    I am serious, they should make ration stamps for pork butts. Just to limit consumption! I'll have to fast the next week! Nope, can't do that if making pulled pork tamales!

    I said when I pulled the pork that with the miraculous cook time it would not be as good as usually, I was obviously mistaken! The buns 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, the pork; they do NOT make a scale that high, not even the Budweiser scale would suffice.  

    You should not be allowed to eat this much more that twice a year, maybe once a quarter, once a month would be too much but you'd die happy!
  20. bdskelly

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    OUTSTANDING Kev.  Your old standby pie is my favorite. 

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