smoked butt bean soup

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pike, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. pike

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    If you have one of these new cars you can keep it gassed up for the next week[​IMG]

    By null

    this is just lima beans if you want better get a large crock like a 6 or more quart, 2 bags of the 16 bean ones, 2 smoked ham bones + meat,, for that one its around a gal of water, add some beef/pork flavorings,, (those little cubes or the paist ones are better)
  2. scpatterson

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    Is almost tradition in my house to do the same thing...Makes for some mighty fine eating
  3. ronp

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    I love bean soup.[​IMG]
  4. pike

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    it really is tradition, theres times of the year i crave stuff more then other times off the year, soups like this are better in the spring cool or cold rainy days at a outdoor fleamarket or such activity, if that make any sence to anyone.

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