Smoked Bacon Weaved,stuffed pork loin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by viper1, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. viper1

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    Well had a pork loin I needed to do some thin with so this is it. Thought Id share some food porn with you.

    Well here some more Food Porn. Hope you enjoy! We did!

    Right out of the smoker.

    Coming out of the foil still nice and hot after FTC!

    Slicing was kinda difficult because the stuffing was so moist and kept trying to come out. So I sliced it thick.

    My plate! Of coarse this is showing a small amount I was trying to watch how much I ate. But ended up with a second serving! LOL

    Really turned out great. And it was simple. but may try different fillings to. Not sure as i really enjoyed this.
  2. viper1

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    Well Done a nice pork loin up thought you may enjoy it. Cut it a round unwrapping a roll to form a small blanket. Filled with home made stuffing and a blended cheese American/Swiss. Seasoned the loin with Jan's rub. Made a weave of Bacon and wrapped the finished loin. Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy.

    Now into the smoker! For a slow smoke and cook then FTC to spread the juices.
  3. scarbelly

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    Looking great - what was the stuffing?
  4. MMMMM that does look great! Transforms a pork loin! Was that a bread stuffing and what kind of cheese? 
  5. sound1

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    Looks awesome!!  You can pass a plate this way, Please
  6. viper1

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    Well the Cheese was a soft American/Swiss cheese I picked up at Sams Club Sliced and wrapped like American but white in color.. Just a hint of Swiss ,mostly American. And the stuffing was my wife's secret holiday stuffing! LOL But since your all such a great bunch she said she'd share.

    You start with
    8 sticks of butter
    1 stalk of celery chopped
    1 large onion chopped
    1 small container of Poultry seasoning
    This you mix up and put in a microwave for 8 minutes.
    Stir after removing

    Then take 5 lbs of old dried bread torn up small, A lot of stores will do this for you. I know Giant eagle does it here.
    Combine your sauce with 1 QT. can of chicken broth then pour over bread stirring it in as you go.
    We use this to stuff Turkeys, chickens or what ever. Even have cooked it separate in the oven with good results,
  7. Hey thanks for the details and recipe. Your wife's recipe sounds a lot like the one my granny used to make and it is delish! Gonna have to give the stuffed loin a try for something different.
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    You are officially awesome!
  9. greenrn

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    WOW, this looked so good I called up my hubby and had him look this up on his computer. Fantastic!![​IMG]
  10. whittling chip

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    I just emailed it to my wife. Thanks for the receipe and the pics.

    Great job,

  11. Thanks looks great!

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