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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jrm6012, Dec 2, 2015.

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    So I am having a party Friday night and smoking a 9lb butt. I have one friend that is allergic to pork(damn shame) so I picked up a really small 2lb brisket as I don't have room on my smoker for a larger brisket. I have never smoked/cooked a brisket this small so I am looking for tips. Not sure if it I worth smoking or just doing in the oven. I know that is a sin. I just don't want it to dry out and turn into jerky. Any tips anyone can provide. Maybe I could just smoked it to pull and chop instead of slice. Thanks in advance.
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    How much fat is on it? Is it part of the flat or point?

    What temp are you going to run your smoker at?
  3. What temp are you smoking your butt ?  I have Never (Sorry to say) a brisket that small. I assume that the fat cap has been removed and probably pretty lean,

  4. jrm6012

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    I usually run my butts at 225. Yeah our local Food Lion has them in that size and actually a little smaller to be honest. I have a packer in the freezer just don't have room for it on the smoker nor do I need that much. Not sure about the fat cap either the way it is packaged. I generally don't inject my briskets either but with being this small scares the crap out of me that it is going to go dry quickly.
  5. 225º is good, You can smoke your brisket when you do your pork butt, Put it on a little later, never tried this, but you may put some bacon strips on top of the brisket, I don't inject and only use salt and pepper for my rub, Being that small I would check the IT about every hour, after about 2 hours of smoke I would wrap with some liquid. right before it gets to 200 -205 and is tender you can unwrap it and put it back on for a little bit to firm back up the bark.

  6. Maybe make it all into burnt ends?

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