Skool me on rib cuts??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by motsco, Jul 2, 2014.

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    ok not sure how to explain. I will try.

    tonight I had a friend bring over a couple of ribs fresh out of his smoker, he did a great job on them with all the flavores , some of the flavores I gave to him to use. when I bit into the rib it was a very nice bite, a bite that I really liked, I looked at the rib and the meat was chicken breast white, not red or brown, but like a pork chop white with smoke red in it, and it was amazing.

    after 3 years of doing ribs on many different styles of smoking them I have maybe 1 rack that had this I would say texture and pork chop color and they are the ribs I have had been chasing ever since.

    so what cut of ribs is close to the pork chop cut?

    I understand that red is from smoking. but most of the ribs I cook or smoke are greasy like dark meat.

    the pork chop meat was more on the top of the bone.

    I have also noticed when watching or attending a BBQ event that the ribs have more of a chicken breast look the a chicken thigh.

    hope you all can grasp the way I'm asking

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    You are talking about Baby Back Ribs. If left on the Loin they are the curved bones of Pork Chops. To make Baby Backs the loin is removed but they leave a thin strip of loin meat on top of the ribs, the White Meat. The straight Ribs with the darker and fattier meat are the lower part of the ribs that sit on top of the Belly meat or that which is made into Bacon. Baby Back Rib racks are fairly narrow with curved bone and Spare Ribs are longer  flatter bones with a lot of Cartilage and meat where the ribs end and attach to the Sternum...JJ


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