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  1. Was wondering what people used for a side box if they use one for their refrig builds? I was thinking of going this route to make it easier to control temps/smoke. If I make a square or rectangular side box will I need to use the Smoker Ratio Calculator to determine the size? Any help would be great. I checked in the Fire Box forum and couldnt find anything for for frig builds.
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    Schoms, morning.... Are you planning on burning stick wood ??? Briquettes ????  A fridge doesn't need that much heat.... A lightbulb will heat it and an AMNPS will provide smoke and heat.... Not exactly sure what you are doing... Dave
  3. [​IMG]Well I have a charbroil gas burner which I am sure is a little over kill. I would burn anything from pellets to chunk/stick wood.
  4. Heres a pic with my little habachi grill over the element. The habachi is where the wood goes now.[​IMG]
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    I would stay with the set up you have know, can you put a PID on a gas unit?? I have a controler on my elec. element, per say set for 220f with +or- 2 degrees and keeps temp very well, I am pretty sure you can do that with gas also, I'm sure some one will chime in here soon, that has done it before, You will learn alot here and good luck to ya.
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    Could you show more detail of the build you did? Is it like a Stumps? I've been wanting to do something like that. Would really like to see inside and more close up pictures.
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