Shoulder in the CG Pellet Smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chef willie, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. chef willie

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    I went up to the local Cash & Carry and scored a 7.75# shoulder for $1.70 a pound. After the overnight rubbing fired up the pellet pusher to smoke for 2 hours and then pushed it up to 300 for a 6 PM mealtime. When it got close to being done I foiled it in a disposable pan with some soy sauce as the liquid. There was another couple for dinner and I'm thinking another convert to the World of Smoked Meat. The bone was saved for the future batch of beans. I pulled it at about 195 IT so it was close to falling off the bone in spots but I sliced most of it for the meal. I'm thinking some Holiday Tamales with the remaining bits.

  2. waterinholebrew

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    That looks awesome Chef Willie, very nice smoke there ! Tamales sound super good BTW !

  3. seenred

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    Looks delicious Willie! Smoked PP tamales?? Hmmm.....


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