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  1. My first attempt with sheep casings was a flop.  I have since seen pre-tubed sheep casings.  I have only used natural casings once before and they were hog casings.  I would like to make some breakfast sausage links.  Have anyone here used the pre-tubed casing and can give some advice on how those work?  Also is the prep and soaking the same as the regular casings?


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    Sorry to hear that Ed

    With Quality casings and proper handling Sheep's are easy to use. I would stay away from the ones packed in pure salt unless you soak and wash for long periods of time, (Weeks) even

    These sheep's are high quality and come in a salt solution. They need to be washed and soaked but do become pliable and silky smooth. They are a bit pricey but well worth it. Your going to pay through the nose for tubed sheep's.....

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  3. boykjo

    Thanks very much for the reply.  I have looked at them from there before.  I tried the salt packed casings before.  They were a pain, but I may not have soaked them long enough.  Your hot dogs look great.  When I get some time I'll look at ordering the preflushed casings.  I still want to make some breakfast saugage links, and some hot dogs would be goot too.



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