Second smoke on the mini . The white stuff flies while the TBS flows!

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  1. New England was hit with yet another storm this weekend. I found a bird on sale and wanted to test out my wind blocker mods. I got a little ambitious for my second smoke. Originally, I was going to do a spatchcock bird but decided to do a semi-deboned and stuffed bird. The whole process of deboning is totally new to me but there are a few great tutorials out there and I wanted to put my knife skills to the test. I went for a Marsala bird over apple wood. On to the pics!

    I tried all three knives. The thin filet knife was the most effective by far,

    Down the back, separate and work around the ribs

    Carcass removed! I left in the wing and leg bones so it would still look like a bird post smoke.

    Not to shabby for a first timer! After this, the bird got a massage with my fav rub and rested overnight. 

    Bacon and onions starting out the Marsala filling 

    While I was making the filling I started the mini outside with KBB and some apple wood

    Ok, Baby bells, pepper and high heat. Encouraged it to stick a little to the pan, then deglazed with Marsala wine and chx stock made from the bird carcass 

    The Snow and 20 degree temps made for a great flash freezer to thicken the sauce and cool the veggies!

    Brushed the bird with marsala sauce

    veggie time

    Cheese blend

    Then came more sauce, more veggies, more cheese, in layers.

    Tied her up tight. I had a few bacon strips left so I gave her a blanket. After all, it was cold outside! The smoker was hanging around 350. I was shooting for a 300 degree smoke and the temp dropped right where I wanted it after the cold bird as in the chamber. 

    Into the smoke!

    Here is the modified windblock. I cut a few vents in the bottom and lopped about 4 inches off the top. It worked perfect. Wind gusts were up to 50mph (it was really blowing at times!) and if you can see in the pic, there was a steady and heavy snowfall throughout the smoke. The mini was rock steady and required only occasional minor adjustments to keep in the 300- 330 range.  

    165 internal! Brought it in to rest for a bit.


     Hindsight being 20-20- I should have placed stuffing under the tenderloins as well. Either way, it was delicious! Perfect amount of smoke flavor mixed with marsala. I will do this again in the future with a few adjustments, Thanks for looking!

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  2. Now that is neat, great pics   [​IMG]

  3. c farmer

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    Looks great.

    Glad the wind block works for ya.
  4. bdskelly

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    Wonderful step by step.

    Awesome recipe.

    Dreadful conditions.

    Trifecta!  Points my friend. 

  5. disco

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    Incredible thread. I love the step by step, the technique, the qview. I cried, I laughed, the world changed.

    Kidding around aside, what a great technique and result.


    I will be following your posts!

  6. welshrarebit

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    Great smoke!!!
  7. Thanks! It really does make a big difference when smoking in adverse conditions. I know the dead of winter is a strange time to start smoking but I couldn't wait until the thaw with a perfectly good mini ready to go!
    [​IMG]  ha! Thank you very much! I was very pleased with the results of my first partial debone. 
  8. Thanks! It was dreadful, More is coming down today. [​IMG]   I'm definitely longing to see green grass and grillin' weather again!
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    Wow! Very impressive skills and presentation. Thanks so much for going to the effort of posting it.
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