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  1. Ok I'm started my seasoning process. Sprayed the inside with Pam and let it heat up. Then added some hickory chips. After about 30 min I added apple chips. Five minutes later instead of a smooth stream of smoke there were puffs. About every 30 seconds or so there was another large puff. Is that normal? The temp went up about 10 degrees. The puffs stopped after a couple minutes. Hope I don't sound too stupid asking this.
  2. What kind of smoker?? 
  3. I assume you had the temp up to 275 as per. the instructions .

    The puffs and temp jump are from your chips catching fire and gasping for air.. These MES 30's do this because (IMO) the chip pan is too thin and too close to the heating element. This is why most use the AMNPS pellet smoke generator with this unit.
  4. Got it. Thanks for the info
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