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  1. Hello all Happy New year/late Merry Christmas,Sorry if this has been covered before but im currently looking for a really good rub shaker/container.I know im over thinking as per usual.You can use some old big pepper/salt containers-but can anyone recommend a good rub shaker the has maybe size holes from big med small?

    Ive seen some on amazon that look great.Low cost- comes with a sealed lid ect.Enuff said.Thanks for any and all advice.Peace
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  3. Take any of the store bought jars, use a drill bit to enlarge the hole. You now have a perfect shaker.
  4. Try a grated cheese jar. I re-use a lot of them.
  5. A Mason jar works well. You can drill whatever size holes you want, or use a piece of window screen (just stretch it across the mouth of the jar and screw the ring on over it) for fine powders. For storage just use another lid over the one with the holes in it. I got the idea from Alton Brown.
  6. I usually use my large seasoning containers, but I was at Wally World and found some nice looking glass containers that had an adjustable top, small holes, bigger holes, and an opening for pouring

    I use these for my steak seasoning

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    And if you have a "jar sealer" that fits the vac pack machines, put a new lid on and vac pack it... stays fresh in high humidity...

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