Roast Beast, Chuckies, and GIZZARDS! Yes... I said GIZZARDS!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by pignit, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. pignit

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    Well I decided this weekend to start eating my way through the freezer. Layed out a couple of chuckies I had caught on sale and a round roast. Went to the store for somethin and ran across a pepper burgandy marinaded sirloin roast marked down so I picked it up too. Red and I love roast beast sandwiches. On my way out I happened to spy a couple packages of chicken gizzards and got to thinkin.... why not?

    Rubbed the roast and the chuckies with EVO and seasoned with garlic, onion powder, and CBP. I love gizzards fried up and then put in the crock pot for a few hours until tender so I thought I'd try some smoked. I put a layer of bacon on the bottom and dusted the gizzards with poultry seasoning, then another layer of bacon with some of Reds rub.



    Everything into the smoker. I used a little mesquite and some cherry. Some wood I had layin around without opening another bag.


    I pulled the roast beast at about 4 hours. I was cooking on the grill so I fired it up nice and hot and seared the outside of the two roasts. I have to say it really added to the flavor. I taste tested both before and after and the after was my favorite.



    I'll slice these up tomorrow real nice and thin... vacuum them up and into the freezer. I pulled the gizzards out at the same time and taste tested them. They looked great and tasted like rubber. I got ready for bed and used Ron Mans method of setting the temp and going to sleep. I wrapped the chuckies and the gizzards up in foil and went to bed.


    Well the first thing I did of course was unwrap the gizzards to see what I had ended up with. I have to tell you..... if you like gizzards your gonna love this. You may even like it if you don't like gizzards. These things had the texture of filet. They melted in my mouth. I heated some up tonight with butter and they were slap your Momma good. The chuckies turned out excellent and were sitting exactly on 200 degrees. Pulled them and slammed them in the fridge. The only thing I would do different on the gizzards..... and I will do these again.... is to use Reds rub on them instead of the poultry seasoning. Maybe even add a little BBq sauce at the end. They are addictive.



    I like to add a little beef broth to my pulled beef before I put it in the fridge. I think it gives it that extra little bit of flavor. If I'm cooking just chuckies I'll put a pan under them when I have room and put the juices back in before they hit the fridge but there just wasn't room in the smoker and I was smoking other things I didn't want in the juice.


    Thanks for checkin out my Qview and if you like gizzards.... give this a try. It was Shweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  2. bmudd14474

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    [​IMG][​IMG]Looks like a day well spent.
  3. the dude abides

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    A wise man once said it best...

    I've had and liked fried gizzards before. But those look great!

    [​IMG]for showing us something really unique.

    Oh yeah the beef looks tasty too.
  4. bbq engineer

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    I hate to even admit this...but there is a dumpy little chicken place called Go-Chicken-Go that I drive by occasionally (Ya just can't make a name like that up!), and I will hit their drive through for fried gizzards and hot them! I hadn't made the connection yet to smoke gizzards, but It is definitely on my list now. Thanks for another inspiration, and pushing the envelope once again.

  5. fired up

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    Looking good Pignit!
  6. rivet

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    That's some mighty fine chow there, Pig. Excellent! Mrs Rivet and I love gizzards and that sounds like a plan! Like engineer said, I hadn't made the connection to smoke gizzards either, but I'm going to now [​IMG]

    Beautiful stuff all the way around! [​IMG]
  7. mballi3011

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    Now thats a way to spend the weekend. Smoking your way though the freezer. Like Dude said SSSSWWWWEEEEEEETTTT. Great job
  8. fire it up

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    Wow! it all looked really great, so juicy.
    Even the gizzards looked amazing, almost makes me want to say the hell with it, give it a shot and go pick some up, almost...
    Points for another great Qview, and of course some delicious looking meat.
  9. morkdach

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    ok i gots to try this what temp and approx how long and [​IMG]to you ya gots ta have some gizzards.
  10. pignit

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    I have to tell ya I was so impressed with the texture of the gizzards after I cooked them that I wanted to experiment some more. The one thing I didn't like was the seasonings I used. I've got some more cookin right now and I'm gonna do a thread on these things because they honestly are off the wall good. Red likes liver so I wrapped some with bacon and put in a water chestnut and they are about 15 minutes away from a taste test. I'm going to do a thread on the gizzards with some more pics and specifics on the smoke. They really are unbelievable.
  11. morkdach

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    go for it gizzards galore[​IMG]
    dont forget temp and approx time thanks
  12. ronp

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    Awesome smoke Dave. [​IMG]
  13. dutch

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    Looking at them gizzards reminded me of round-up time. The ranch boss would toss the calf jewels (aka oysters) in a bucket of salted water when we changed the bullocks to steers. When he figured he had enough, he would place them in a foil boat, season them up and throw them on the smoker.
  14. dirtman775

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    Good lookin Q there Pignit, ummm but those gizzards i believe are for people with a much acquired taste than my dad, he is from the OLD school and eats them like they are goin out of style.....i used to hide them in the baseboard heating so i did not have to eat them....and probably still would....LOL
  15. pignit

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    Here are a couple of pics of the Roast Beast. The first one is marinaded in a burgandy red pepper sauce. They mark these things down 2 days out from the sell by date and this pile of meat was the same price as one pound of Roast Beast at the deli.


    This is the second one and it was on sale too. I think I have a grand total of 16 dollars in these two piles of meat. Really like the flavor the sear at the end gave me. I'll definitley do that again.


    The Roast Beast has turned into one of those things I keep in the freezer. I am putting it in the vacuum bags and packaging in 1/2 pound bunches.
  16. fishawn

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    Nice Work!..... Who woulda thought Gizzards? ..... Not me, but I'm gonna try it.... Great Post![​IMG]
  17. pignit

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