Ribeye burgers

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    We like to purchase meat in bulk at the restaurant supply places and then vacuum seal in smaller chunks. Had the remaining two ribeyes we purchased about a year ago ($3.99/lb) - ground them up with a few chicken tenders.  The meat was still perfect - a testament to vacuum sealing.  These were among the best burgers we've made ever.

    The meat was as red as the day it was packaged - the steak was thawed, then cut into chunks and freshly ground in a KitchenAid.

    Grilled asparagus and potato wedges (not shown)

    Topped the burgers with smoked Gouda, pickled jalapeno, onion, and tomato - the burgers still tasted like the original ribeye steak, but were butter tender.

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    Man, you are a cooking machine! Really enjoying your posts. Everything looks great!
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    Thanks worktogthr [​IMG]

    We love to cook, and share experiences, and the ones I've been posting have occurred over the past year or so (I like to take pictures [​IMG])

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