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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jp61, May 30, 2012.

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    [​IMG]   Hello people,

    Yesterday I assembled my WSM and I am looking forward to the first of many great (I hope) smokes with it. I have a few questions and comments though...

    - I'm not crazy about the door at all.... I did tweak it a little for a better fit but still...  Weber, are you guys serious???

    - Not too sure about the fire ring either, it seems kind of flimsy also and I'm wondering how long it will keep it's shape.

    - Not sure how the heat will affect the brackets if at all, but for now the upper grate fits pretty good and shouldn't give me any problems, but we'll see...

    - I'm planning on using the water pan w/water and I'm wondering if there's any difference between the finished products from the lower and upper grates, do to the bottom grate sitting right above the water pan.

    I will probably do the temp probe and charcoal grate mods before I start using it. Is there anything else I should know of or do to it before my first smoke? Thanks 
  2. I recommend seasoning it per the wisdom of Harry Soo.  It doesn't take long and it will give you a nice build up of "gunk" you'll need to maintain proper temps.  A new smoker will reflect heat and the "gunk" settles that down.

    I also recommend putting some handles on the mid section.  I used four genie garage door handles.  They require a little adjustment but fit the current hole pattern in the grill bracket fine.

    I just cut a small slit with a dremel in the mid section for the temp probe wires.

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    See comments in red [​IMG]
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    Thanks guys!

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