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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by exromenyer, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. I currently have the ET-732 Maverick and think I need to get some new probes.  I'm not getting the best readings.  I'd like to know what other instant reads people have bought, liked, hated, would recommend and why.

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  2. handymanstan

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    I have three Maverick 732 and a 73 and a 7 and love them all.  What kind of issues are you having with the probes.   If you put the bbq probe too close to food in the smoker it can really affect the readings.

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    What problems are you having?  Have you checked the probes for accuracy with a boil test?  I had to buy replacement probes once for my older ET-73, and it's worked like a charm since.  You can buy just the probes if they wear out or go bad.  Cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

    Just a thought.

  4. My readings seem to jump around to much and sometimes they read high then drop then go back up which tells me something is up with them.  I did a few pork butts this past weekend and the readings were all over the place.  I think they are just getting old and failing plus the conduit where the cable and probe meet is getting bad and I've also taken some shrinkage piping that you would use in the wires of a trailer to keep them protected and put that over it and shrunk it on.. It worked really well, just think they are getting bad.
  5. Hey Red,

    I found some replaceable probes on  They are together about $30 with free shipping... They are also the 6 FT cords too which is crazy why maverick doesn't just supply those when you spend the $$$ on the unit but it's Corporate GREED at it's finest.  I did calibrate them in the beginning as well in the boiling water.......


  6. handymanstan

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    Do both your probes do that.  I was smoking a shoulder and my probe was only about a inch away on the rack when after a hour or so the temp would drop to 90 then jump to 250 and was all over the place.  I think the shoulder was blowing off steam or spitting juice and the probe was too close.  After a few hours it returned to normal readings.  I have since drilled a hole in the side of my smoker between the two racks and just stick the bbq probe in there. I have never had the meat probe do this.

  7. I really think the BBQ probe reads high.  I've tried it on the top rack middle, 2nd rack middle and it fluctuates a lot.  As for the food probe, it's a bit up and down.  I"m always aware to keep it away from the bone and ensure I hit a good portion of meat.  I've tried it all the way in, I've done it 1/2, 3/4 in and it still gives me an ulcer.  I think I'm going to just get new probes.  Any recommendation on an instant read probe ?  I've got another post out there as I think having one of those might help also.

  8. handymanstan

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    It's easy enough to check your probes with ice water and boiling water to see if they are accurate.  Todd at A-Maze-n Products  sells the 6' probes too and I think he has a sale going on now.  Instant read I go with a Thermapen  3 sec read.  Good luck.  BTW The only probe I had that went bad was a three foot that came with the maverick and that was a bad crimp. 


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