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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by fished, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Good morning everyone.  I've noticed a lot of great looking recipes on here for various types of sausage.  Most of them require either 5 or 10 pounds of meat.  That's more that I would like to do for a new recipe to try out.  I was wondering if anyone had developed a spread sheet/calculator to reduce the them down to say 1 or 2 pounds?

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    Divinde quantities in the 10lbs recipe by 5 to get quantities for 2lbs recipe.
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    Happy smoken.

  4. Thanks for the response.  I know it's just a division thing. Just thougt I would ask if someone already had a spread sheet or calculator to keep me from having the think too
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    If you weigh all the ingredients in grams, the math is a lot easier for excel.  I did this with thick, sticky ingriedients like ketchup and molasses too.  This way when I make sauce, I just tare the pan before I add these and go to what I need, I trying to get every last bit of molasses out of a measuring cup.

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