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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by generalee, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. generalee

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    Esteemed smokers - I've got a couple of questions about a reverse flow...

    Basic info, it is not a Lang... Barrel is roughly 60" x 24"

    I've done exactly 2 smokes on it now, and am left a bit disappointed...
    1. End closest to firebox would at times run 50-75F hotter than the much so I had to add 2 water pans to pull it closer to the other sections.
    2. End where the heat enters the meat chamber would also run 50F hotter than the middle.
    3. I also found that the meats heated very unevenly.  I was smoking alot of turkeys, and could easily tell what was taking heat and not, by the color of the skin.  Internal Thermometer checks later verified that one breast would cook faster/hotter than the other side.
    4. I kept 3 oven themometers in the chamber at all times..and from left to right would read: 275F/300, 215/225(center), 250/275F
    5. I was using oak, pecan, pear, apple woods, and small amounts of charcoal
    So my questions are as follows:
    1. How do I get the temps to even up?
    2. Do I need to modify the left side & right side in some way to keep them even and useable?
    3. I need to hold more smoke in the chamber (my meats had little to no smoke taste whatsoever; left me extremely disappointed); do I need to extend the smoke stack down to grate level?  I have done that in the past with a Char-Griller mod and it worked wonders...both on temps and smoke flavor.
    4. Do I need any other mods to make this work better?
    I appreciate all advice!  I need to implement something soon, as I will be smoking large quantities of turkeys again for Christmas, and I'd like to get them back to my signature

    Many Thanks!
  2. daveomak

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    Pictures of everything.... Fire Box inlets.. Opening between the FB and Cook Chamber... Exhaust location and size... etc.... Then we will have an idea of where to lead you.....
    Oh yeah, are all the air leaks sealed up tight so the smoker is air tight.... CC door especially....
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  3. generalee

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    Thanks...I'll get those done tomorrow...I'm a professional photog, and it's too dark to get you some good pics.

    I was afraid it might not be quite enough info.
  4. bmudd14474

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    I know that raising or lowing the tongue of the trailer can make a difference. Now if you don't have proper flow then you will have a bigger issue.

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