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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnnie2130, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. johnnie2130

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    As some of you may have read in another thread, I'm having a lot of trouble getting the heat up on my MES. I'm only getting about 225 when I set it at 275. That's with damper closed to hold in the heat.

    For all MES owners, are you having any trouble getting up to 275? How much meat are you smoking while getting higher temps?

    The rep at Masterbuilt told me I had too much water in my pan and if I'd put about 1/4, I could get temps up to 250-260. After talking to a couple of MES owners here, it sounds like I'm having some other problem.

    If you could let me know how much you smoke at one time and if you have temp troubles I'd appreciate it.
  2. I have only smoked in mine three or four times, but have no trouble with temperature with the draft about 3/8 open. I have been cooking in outside temps, between 25 & 32. I keep the water pan about half-full and have had it up to 270. Good luck! I ran a venison ham and whole newyork strip, and five small pastrami rosts christmas day

  3. smoked

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    not sure what is going on, I've not had any problems with mine no matter how much water if any is in the pan.........methinks you might have another problem with yours.........and usually masterbuilt is really damn good with customer service.....
  4. oak cliff boy

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    Last week I smoked a brisket with none of the problems you describe. It was 39 outside. I set the temp to 275 and went in to boil some water. When it boiled I added it to the water pan about half full. In about 60 minutes the temp was 275 and I loaded the brisket. The temp dropped 40 degrees but rebounded in about 30 minutes to 275. After four hours the brisket was at 145 and I lowered the temp to 225 and cooked to 190, about four more hours. This is typical experience for me. It should be the same for you. BTW, I always leave the vent fully open.

    I would return the unit for repair/replacement.

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