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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jimalbert, Dec 29, 2011.

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    OK... this is the situation.. I have approximately 20 people coming to my house new years eve.  I bought 30 pounds of standing prime rib roasts (2 whole loins).  In prepping the prime rib, I cut one whole loin in half and the other in thirds.  I plan on smoking these for a 7 o clock dinner new years eve.  I am going to follow bearcarvers prime rib roast, but I have concerns that with (2) 7 1/2 pound roasts and then a 5 pound roast in the smoker, this is going to take forever.  I do prime rib successfully in the oven on a roasting rack every year but I really want to try this in the smoker.  Any help would be appreciated as far as temps are concerned.  Also, I plan on taking these to different temperatures, because some like well, and others like myself like it medium rare to rare.  Can anyone give me advice as to whether this much meat in the MES30 will cause a problem?  I plan to get these to room temp before I put them in the smoker BTW.

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    I would preheat the smoker to 275, put the roasts in & then reset it to 225. Leave the door closed until the first one is done.
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    Thanks Al.  I was going to jack the heat from the get go but the only thing that concerns me is the size of the portions I am going to have in the smoker.  I am going to figure on an hour a pound (maybe slightly more).  I am having dinner at 7pm, so we can commence the drinking and beer pong of course, so I was planning on getting them in the smoker at 10:30 am...  at least for the two pieces that are 7 1/2 pounds.  The 4-5 pound roast I will hold off on until say 1:00 or so.  I am sure they will hold a decent temp foiled, even if I have to set the smoker at say 140 with them all tented.  I am also going to use JJ's Au Jus recipe in place of the water pan.  I will post pics tomorrow when I score and rub the roasts down with garlic, onion, and salt and pepper.  I am a little concerned with getting through the danger zone but I wont probe it for the first 3 hours or so.  Do my times seem pretty accurate?  \


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    Based on your plan above you have a sufficient "Pad" built in to cover the unforseen. I think you will be fine with some of the meat being done early and will have to be held wrapped and in a cooler or held at 140*F on the Smoker...JJ
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    We do our Christmas rib in the oven as my son's small vertical isn't large enough for the whole thing and we like it done as one piece (plus the women don't like the smoke); here is the Evernote copy:

     Christmas Roast 

    Cooking a large roast for a family meal: Prime Rib, Sirloin Tip, Top Butt 

    Preheat oven to 230°

    Season roast, wrap in HD Aluminum foil, place in roaster pan with 2 cups of water on a rack to elevate it (or naturally if it is a rib roast, ribs down). 1 cup of water for small roast.  Don't foil if smoking.

    Push thermometer probe into center of meat (center in depth in largest part of roast but not near the end) and place in oven, don't get probe tangled with upper or lower elements (push it in at an angle if necessary instead of straight down, as long as it is in the approx. center of the roast).

    Let roast until thermometer reading is at 125°, 135°, or 145° (for rare, medium or medium well).

    Remove roast from oven with thermometer still in it, place on counter, let it rise by itself another 10° to 135°, 145° or 155°.  

    Meanwhile, turn oven up to 500°

    Once the roast has reached desired temp, pull out thermometer probe, unwrap it and place back in oven for 10 - 15 minutes to brown to your satisfaction.  Remove roast from oven, remove from pan and place on carving platter or surface and let sit for 10 - 15 minutes for internal juices to redistribute while siphoning off juices in pan to make gravy.

    Carve and serve; juices will run out and lighten pink hue to meat; quickly photograph right after carving for best pictures of roast!

    Adjust or add to this post for your specific notes on times and temps and results, and attach pics too!

    These same directions can be used for any oven roast regardless of size too.







    This was to 135° internal then browned at 550° convection for 10 min.

    That, btw, was a Certified Black Angus Rib from Kroger @ $10.00/lb, 23 lb. roast, $230.00 worth of prime rib!  Yes, it was excellent!  (My oldest son provided it!).
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    It looks great Pops!

    I like to throw the bones back on the smoker for about 1/2 hour, they are the best beef ribs I have ever had.
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    I want what Pop's smoked.

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