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  1. Hey guys, I am new to joining this forum but I have been following it for a little over a year now and let me just say that you guys are awesome from your recipes to the different styles and extremely helpful input.

    I just finsihed smoking my first pork butt. I have a Masterbuilt 30 paired with an AMNPS and i took my 12 hour brined butt out and put it in my smoker fat side up. Kicked up the temp to 210 and left it alone for 6 hours. Went to check on internal temp and i was at 155. Left it for another hour....still at 155, another hit 158. Finally i decided to let it sit another 2 hours where it went up to 168 and stayed there for another hour. I had guests coming over and didnt really count for such a long stall so i took it out after about 10.5 hours and we had a very delicious sliced pork instead of pulled.

    I read on here that guys that smoke at 210 have reached the 195 mark in as little as 8 hours and one guy ended up saying he smokes his at 210 for 24 hours. I know that every smoker is different but what is the best method for mine? I dont mind the low and slow method but 24 hours is a little out of my patience scale. I amd definitely going ti do this again but i want to be more prepared.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    210 is way to low for my liking. The problem at that temp is you are trying to get the butt to 200 degrees so cooking at only 210 will take forever. In an MES I would smoke it at 250. That will cut down on the stall time and keep you around 1.5 hours per pound. 

    If you are having it stall for a while and are worried about it not getting done in time you have two options. One you can bump the heat to 275 or two wrap it in foil. Both methods will help move it through the stall. 

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