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  1. Hello all:

    I've pretty much gotten the tri-tip smoking down to my satisfaction (thank you all whose posts I used to make it here), but have a situation that has me puzzled.

    Basically, I've been asked to smoke some tri-tips for a non-profit function so they can use them to sell sandwiches.  Problem is that I live a good bit away from the event, so will have to cook the day before and supply them the next morning for warming and serving.  They intend to use a grill to warm them.

    Any ideas on what final temp to use on the smoker?  Tips on warming?  Tips on overnight storage?

    Whatever advice I can find I would greatly appreciate.

    Thank you.
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Smoke them at 225°F, don't inject anything, to an IT of 120°F rest and Refer. They will be reheating to 130-135°F since the majority of folks like Med/Rare to Medium anyway. Transport to the site on Ice...JJ
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  3. Thank you JJ.  Will be taking your advice.

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