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  1. Quick question.  I got a nice 6.5 lb belly and I want to make some bacon!!!   Whats the difference between Pink Salt #1 and #2?  Can I use #2 for making bacon?   That's all the butcher had and said it's all they use for their curing. 

    thanks in advance for the answer!!!

  2. bluewhisper

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    Not sure but I think #1 is for cures of a week or two, like for bacon, and #2 is for cures of months, like for salami. Something about nitrates vs. nitrites.
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    Scott I have a bag of cure #2 it says to use for dry curing,These are products that do not require cooking,smoking or refrigeration.

    Hope this helps and the guys that know better come online.
  4. Well POOP!!!   I am curing for 7 days.   Hmmmmm guess I need #1

  5. c farmer

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    You need #1, #2 is for dry cured meats like Tropics said.
  6. Off to the store GRRRRRRRRR 

    thanks guys for the info!

  7. tropics

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    You can also use TQ bye Morton. Check Bears step by step for that.
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    Freeze the belly & do your research. You should know exactly what you're doing & exactly what you need to do it before attempting to cure your own meats! A careless mistake could be fatal! While learning the different cures & methods there are plenty of good kits out there that make a fine product & all you have to do is follow their directions.
  9. Appreciate your concern but I have a tried and true recipe (my brothers) and was just wondering what the difference in the 2 cures was before purchasing.  

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  11. sb59

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    Good to know! Good luck with your smoke! Post some pics in the bacon thread.

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