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  1. What is the best method or device for applying rub to meat?
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    I save commercial spice containers I've bought at Costco or the grocer.  When they are empty, I wash 'em, let them air dry for several days, then fill them with my rubs.  Shake and apply.  I put masking tape over the label and mark it with what's inside.

    I'm using less and less rub these days.  Seems the pictures and videos all show people just piling on the rubs.  We've found we prefer just a light sprinkling on most cuts of meat.  On butts I still use quite a bit but that's about the only cut that gets the rub piled on any more for us.
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  3. not sure what your asking , I apply mustard  on the meat first then apply the rub the mustard helps the rub stick to the meat . you really wont take the mustard .
  4. I store rub in empty mason jars, sprinkle it on with a measuring spoon, and work it into the meat with my hands.  Instead of mustard, I use olive oil.

  5. applied my rub to 2-5lb butts for Sunday smoking

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